Enjoy a peaceful powernap

Do you enjoy a quick powernap after a busy day at work? Dinner first and then sit down to watch the news, although you rarely make it to the end. Of course we’re all guilty of falling asleep on the sofa from time to time, but it’s not nice if people can see you from the outside. A little extra privacy definitely won’t feel like excessive luxury during moments like these.


Ambiance creators

In addition to the fact that folded blinds will give your home more privacy, they are also fantastic ambiance creators! Choosing a colour and fabric which beautifully matches your home will ensure your interior looks fantastic into the finest details. You can decide on the appearance of your folded blinds yourself. You can choose from many different colours, materials and transparency of the fabric.

Folded blind

A folded blind is a modern alternative to classic curtains and are characterised by the successive slats which are suspended right in front of the window. There are various different folded blind fabrics as a result of the different colours and the variety of textures also exude a beautiful luxurious feel. We differentiate between four types of folded blinds: without a valance, with half a valance, a whole valance and with slats at the front.



Min - Max width 1000 mm - 4000 mm
Min - Max hight 1000 mm - 2600 mm
Control Manuel or electric

Most popular colours

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