5 reasons for opting for ritzscreens®


An increasing number of houses in the Netherlands are now being fitted with ritzscreens® . But why are people opting for this type of sun protection more frequently? We will give you five reasons why ritzscreens® represent the ideal solution for your home.

1# No glare from the sun
Ritzscreens® will make sure the sun’s glare won’t enter your home. Ideal when you are watching television, for example. Lowering the ritzscreens® will ensure the reflective fabric will filter out any sunlight and glare.

2# Privacy
Another advantage of ritzscreens® is that these create more privacy. People won’t be able to look into your home from the outside, whilst the ritzscreens® don’t hinder your view of the outside world. You can simply continue enjoying your outside views!


3# Your home will stay cool
Ritzscreens® will ensure your home stays cool during those hot summer days! Lowering the ritzscreens® will filter out the sunrays and heat, resulting in the temperature in your home rising less quickly. This will naturally result in a comfortable living environment, but it’s certainly also good for the finances!

4# Tailor-made
Ritzscreens® are completely tailor-made. We can offer ritzscreens® for any type of window. In addition, you can choose your own preferred colour, which represents the best match for your home and which will provide the best possible result.

5# Whisper-quiet motor
The Verano® ritzscreens® are supplied with a whisper-quiet motor. You can decide for yourself whether you would like to operate this with or without a remote control.

Would you like some more information about the Verano® ritzscreens®? Then request a free brochure below and you will also be provided with information regarding your nearest Verano® dealer.

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