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Cooling your home sustainably with sun shading and the weather


Earth is warming up and we're faced with frequent and extreme heatwaves. And with the rising energy prices, we're looking for sustainable and energy-friendly ways to keep our homes cool. Luckily, there is a sustainable way to keep your room temperature agreeable: open your windows at night and close them during the day. And don't forget to roll out your sun shading.

Read on to discover how you can protect your home from the heat sustainably.

Energy-friendly cooling

With the idea to cool their homes, many families buy air conditioning systems and ventilators. Unfortunately, these solutions aren't energy-friendly. And with the rising gas prices, air conditioning systems become even more expensive.

Luckily, there are sustainable alternatives with which you can keep your home cool during heatwaves: invest in solar shading systems and use the fresh air at night. When you open your windows and use your sun shading product at the right times, you can save a lot of energy while you keep your home cool.

Cooling your home at night

Ventilating your home is so important. You can already reduce the room temperature by opening your windows at night. The fresh air from outside displaces the heat from inside. The result? It gets colder inside — and you didn't even use an air conditioning system!

Don’t forget to check the room temperature and outdoor temperature before opening your windows. Keep them closed when it's hotter outside than inside. Otherwise, your rooms will warm up even more.

Once the outdoor temperature goes below your room temperature, you can open your windows. Keep them open until the early morning.

Unsustainable cooling

Obviously, the room temperature increases once the sun brightens your home again. However, you can limit the room temperature increase in a sustainable way by using sun shading systems.

Many homes are poorly protected against the sun. Cooling these homes with air conditioning systems makes no sense. But why? Well, if you don’t have any sort of sun protection at home (think of curtains, blinds, or awnings), the sun can effortlessly brighten your home. These bright sunrays also bring a lot of heat into your room. And every time you try to cool down your home, the bright sunrays warm it up again. This means that your air conditioner would need a lot of energy to keep your home reasonably cooled.

Sustainable cooling with sun shading

That's why you could consider adding sun shading systems to your home. These products block most sun rays, resulting in darkened rooms and a slower temperature increase.

Outdoor solar shades are most effective in countering the fast temperature increase. Products like roller shutters, zipscreens and drop-arm awnings form a layer that prevents most of the sun rays from reaching your window. This way, your home heats up less quickly.

With zipscreens, you can reduce the temperature increase by several degrees Celsius. With the zipscreen calculator you can calculate the benefit for your home.

Using the sun to cool your home

You can also cool your home with alternative energy sources. With solar-powered energy, you can keep your home cool and lower your energy bill at the same time. Products like solar roller shutters and solar zipscreens charge themselves with solar energy. They don’t need to be attached to the power grid.

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