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From veranda to garden room


Do you have a veranda? You can transform this into a beautiful garden room! It won’t just look beautiful, it will also have the added advantage of you being able to enjoy your garden throughout the entire year, as you will be less dependent on the weather. A garden room will create a great atmosphere. Plus a garden room will also serve as an extension to your home!

Sliding and folding walls

You’ll be able to open and close the veranda whenever you want by adding sliding or folding walls to your patio awning. You can keep the walls closed during the winter months, making sure you are protected against the weather influences. But you can open the walls again in the summer, allowing you to enjoy the beautiful weather.

Glass walls consist of loose glass panels, which either individually or simultaneously move along a transport system. The main advantage is that your patio awning is closed, whilst you can still keep your view and passage through to the outside.


Glass seal or frame

You can also opt to equip your veranda with a glass seal, as an alternative to sliding or folding walls. Fixed glass walls are particularly suitable for closing off the sides of your veranda. As the top of an awning slopes downwards, glass walls can be mounted to the top at an angle.



Ritzscreens® are mainly known for keeping the sun off the windows, but the product is also very suitable for mounting to the side or front of your patio awning. Ritzscreens® also have the advantage of maintaining a complete passage through the patio awning. Plus your views of the outside are retained too.

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Conservatory awnings

You have undoubtedly spent time underneath a veranda on a hot summer’s day. Then you will certainly also have experienced that it can get very hot underneath a veranda. This problem can be solved with a conservatory awning. This can be used to avoid rising temperatures underneath your patio awning and it will ward off irritating sunlight too. Conservatory awnings will naturally create a great atmosphere too, particularly the Tallinn conservatory awning. This type of sun protection is draped on the inside of your patio awning. This means effective and attractive all in one!