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our garden, just as important as your home

One trend which has been evident for a number of years is the rising importance of the garden. We are now increasingly seeing the garden as part of our home. This is the exact reason why we are now also devoting more attention and money to our gardens. According to Tuinbranche Nederland, all of us together spent a total of 3.8 billion euro on garden items last year. That’s an increase of six percent compared to the previous year.

So why is the garden more important?
Where has this sudden enthusiasm for the garden come from? We could say that the improving economy has definitely played a role here. People stopped spending money on their gardens during the crisis period, but now everyone has a little more to spend again, it’s definitely once again the garden’s turn! There is also another important trend which has resulted in an increase in gardening enthusiasm. This is the popular do-it-yourself trend. Floramedia.com has indicated that the desire to things ourselves has seen an overall increase. Changing the garden is at the top of the wish list with many of us. According to the organisation, in 2016 a third of all Dutch people stated they would like to improve their garden or other outdoor area. Research was also conducted into whether there is any possible difference between what a man and a woman would like to change about the garden. This showed that 35 percent of Dutch women, as opposed to 31 percent of Dutch men, would like to make changes to the garden.

But which aspects of the garden are now receiving this extra attention?
Firstly, we all see it as important to be able to enjoy our garden at any time of the day. We would also like to do less maintenance in the garden in the long-term. Doing some extra work now and making some additional investments means we will have a place to enjoy in the future which is entirely in line with our own wishes and will therefore be a place for true relaxation.

Increased luxury in the garden therefore comes from the idea that we want to create a place to relax, which is equipped with all possible conveniences. The garden is the perfect place to sit back and relax after a busy day. That’s why we are now increasingly opting for a jacuzzi, outdoor fireplace, outdoor kitchen, etcetera. The right sun protection also forms part of these required conveniences. Good sun protection products will enhance your living comforts and will ensure you can enjoy the place you have created in your garden more often. There are innumerable possibilities which can help you to create a cosy place, where you have more control over the weather conditions. That’s why we will now take a more detailed look at the best way for you to start looking for the right sun protection products which will perfectly suit your situation and garden.

People are spending more and more time in their garden, because they are now increasingly enjoying their garden. But how can you make sure your garden perfectly matches your specific wishes? How can you start looking for products which really add value to your garden? One possibility is to search via needs. Many people instantly start looking for a specific product, whilst they are not actually all that sure about the different possibilities on offer. Purchasing a product should always start with a specific need. We would recommend starting to look for the right product from this need. There are numerous possibilities per need, which you may initially not even have thought of. We would like to explain this with the use of a number of examples.

‘Think from a need, not from a product’

In control of the temperature
Imagine: The weekend is finally here and the weather forecast is very positive. You take a look outside and see the sun is shining brightly! You decide to watch that programme you missed last night out in the garden. You sit down on your garden chair, but just five minutes later you’ve already had enough, the sun is simply too hot.

There are various different options open to you from this need for ‘shade on your terrace’, which will all ensure you can take more control of the temperature on your terrace. One good solution here would be a sun awning. The sun awning will ward off the sun’s rays, creating some valuable shade on your terrace. Another advantage is that it also stops harmful UV radiation. But this isn’t the only option available to you when you are looking to create some shade on your terrace. A louvered roof is also an excellent way to fulfil this need. That’s because this product has lamellae which can be tilted. You can make sure the sunshine is hitting your terrace beautifully on a lovely and sunny day. Once the sun has started to get too warm, you can simply tilt the lamellae, resulting in the blocking of the sun’s rays and your terrace is instantly doused in shade. A third possibility is the terrace screen. In that case the terrace screen fabric will ward off the sun’s rays. You can decide on the position of the screen with the mere push of a button and thereby react to the sun’s position.


Regardless of the rain
: It’s Sunday afternoon and you have invited a few friends over for a drink and a bite to eat. The outdoor temperature is lovely, so you decide to sit outside on your terrace. You suddenly notice a bit of rain in the air once you are all sat down enjoying a drink. The rain becomes a little more persistent after a few minutes and you know your cosy afternoon out on the terrace has come to an abrupt and soggy end.

In these cases it would obviously be great if a little bit of rain didn’t matter. A patio awning would be the best way to avoid the rain on your terrace. The patio awning will give you optimal shelter from the rain. This will therefore ensure you can enjoy your garden and terrace throughout the entire year, not just during the spring and summer months, and that the rain can no longer spoil your Sunday afternoons out on the terrace. A patio awning will actually allow you to increase your living space, as you can also see it as an extension to your home. That’s how you connect the inside to the outside!


Enjoying a wind-free spot
Imagine: It’s a beautiful day in June and you have decided to work from home today. The temperature is pleasant enough for you to work outside on your terrace. The sun isn’t shining too brightly, so working outside should be just fine. But all of a sudden the wind starts picking up at around 11 o’clock. The papers you were planning on reading through are being blown about by the wind. Such a shame, as it’s certainly warm enough to stay outside.

There are two different ways of solving this problem. Firstly, a windscreen is naturally the perfect product to satisfy your need for shelter. A windscreen is very easy to control yourself. Isn't there too much wind? Then lower the screen down. Is there too much wind? Then raise the screen up. This will ensure you can always enjoy the beautiful weather, without giving the wind a chance to spoil things. Another option is glass walls. However, this product can only be realised in your garden in combination with a patio awning. This is because the glass walls are mounted in a patio awning, making you are protected both from the wind and the rain. Absolutely ideal! You can create a beautiful garden room with glass walls.

Another point you will need to consider, in addition to your needs, is the type of garden you have. The Netherlands has many different types of gardens, but these can be divided into a few specific categories. We will highlight a few of these categories for you, with the various different possibilities they offer.


The modern garden
A modern garden is characterised by clean lines, colour which perfectly compliment each other, trendy garden furniture and a garden where you are completely in control. A garden like this will do perfect justice to a patio awning or a louvered roof! You are completely in control, as you’ll be able to react to any possible weather situation. The sleek lines of the patio awning or louvered roof and the aluminium will result in a fantastic looking design.

The edible garden
The edible garden is a garden where the owner does a great deal of work, especially during the spring and summer months. The garden’s owner loves growing his own fruit and vegetables in a small vegetable patch. Some relaxation moments out on your terrace are very important in between all that hard work in the garden. A terrace with a little shade certainly isn’t an unnecessary luxury on those very hot days. Having a sun awning mounted above your terrace certainly wouldn’t be an unnecessary luxury in this garden!

The relaxing garden
As the name would have you expect, the relaxing garden is a garden where you can truly sit back and relax. One typical aspect about this type of garden is the variety of different seating areas. You will have a choice between several places to sit down and relax in this garden. These places are also equipped with all possible conveniences, possibly as a result of the purchase of windscreens. This will ensure you can enjoy the first and last sunshine of the year in a lovely and protected spot.

The rural garden
Of course we also have the beautiful rural garden. A large garden which you would really prefer to spend the entire day in. These gardens often feature a large terrace, where you can enjoy views across the entire garden! The Purbeck patio awning is a patio awning which will perfectly match a rural garden. This is because of the beautiful decorative details, the rustic ornaments and a classic gutter.

In addition to all the information we are providing you with in this blog and on our website, you always have the option of making an appointment with your nearest Verano® dealer too. They can help you make the right choices and will always look for the right solutions together with you, which will perfectly match your needs and your garden. Request a free brochure and you will also receive details of your nearest Verano® dealer!

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