A characteristic look

Do you live in a nineteen thirties property and are you looking for a way to reduce the open view into your home? Then our canopy awnings will be the perfect sun protection for you. They will give your nineteen thirties home a stylish and characteristic look, whilst also creating privacy in the rooms of your choice.


Functional and stylish

Canopy awnings will reduce the open view into your home and will also ensure the temperature in your home doesn’t rise excessively. They will also help to combat any discolouration of your furniture resulting from sun radiation. Don’t forget about the fact that canopy awnings will also give your home a very characteristic look. You can make sure the canopy awnings perfectly suit your home with our range of choices for materials, colours and models.

Canopy awning

The range of canopy awnings consists of standard, folding or waterfall models. The choice of model you go for will determine the projection and overhang of the canopy awnings. The range is also very diverse as a result of the different types of wood or aluminium.



Max. width 5 m
Max. depth 1,6 m
Control Manual or electric
Material Aluminium or wood

Most popular colours

Grijs 70.2601
Grijs 70.2602
Beige 70.2624
Grijs 70.2526

  • Wat zijn de maximale afmetingen van markiezen?


    De maximale afmetingen van markiezen van Verano® vind je in onderstaande tabel:

    Maximale breedteMaximale uitval
    Markiezen500 cm160 cm