Sheltered from wind and rain

A shelter from the weather certainly isn’t an unnecessary luxury in the Netherlands. It’s no coincidence our country is well-known for the volatility of its weather. Red hot summer days are alternated with heavy rain showers and fresh winds. Of course that doesn’t mean we should instantly give up, as you can definitely still enjoy the outdoors with a little extra shelter.


Keep it dry

We live in a wet little country, so we are more than used to a little rain. But wouldn’t it be nice if we could still continue with our barbecue in the garden with our friends when the weather suddenly takes a turn for the worse? An aluminium veranda is mounted to the facade of your home and will therefore serve as a permanent extension of your home. The closed lamellae of a louvered roof are splash-proof too and will provide shelter as and when you need it!

Windscreen_V745-Luderitz_Textured Anthracite_03

Out of the wind

The movement of air has a significant impact on the outside temperature. This could mean that the wind will result in an uncomfortable wind chill during sunny days. Windscreens and fences will ensure your entire garden or terrace are given a little extra protection. Do you already have a Verano® patio awning? You can very easily create a beautifully fenced off garden with the various different sliding walls. Did you know you can also close off a patio awning or louvered roof with Ritzscreens®?

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