Protected from wind and rain

European days can get rainy and windy — especially during autumn and winter. Not being able to enjoy your garden and patio during these days would be a shame. With weather protection products, you add weather protection to your garden. Then, you can spend more time outside!


Keep it dry

We're used to a little rain, but wouldn’t it be nice to continue barbecueing with friends when the weather takes a turn for the worse? An aluminium veranda is mounted to your home and serves as a permanent extension of your living room. The closed lamellae of a louvered roof are splash-proof too and will provide shelter when you need it!

Windscreen_V745-Luderitz_Textured Anthracite_03

Away with the wind

Wind gusts can impact on the outside temperature. It could result in an uncomfortable breeze during sunny days. Windscreens and fences will give that extra protection from the cold air. Verandas and patio awnings can be made windproof by adding solid and sliding glass walls to them.

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