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Home is where you truly want to be able to relax. So it would naturally be great if your home could offer plenty of privacy. It doesn’t matter whether or not you have lovely neighbours, a little privacy after a busy day never did anyone any harm, allowing you to have some undisturbed quiet time on your sofa. Where would you like to create a little more privacy? In your home or in the garden?

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Privacy in your home

We offer various different products which will provide you with privacy. For example, Ritzscreens® will ensure people can’t look in from the outside, but you will be able to continue enjoying your views of the outside world. Roller shutters also provide extra privacy and offer the possibility of completely darkening a room too. Window decorations significantly reduce people’s ability to look into your home and also serve as a lovely addition to your interior. Drop-arm awnings and canopy awnings are great alternative options for reducing people’s ability to look into your home.


Privacy in the garden

You want to be able to enjoy some time out in your garden, without the neighbours being able to join in with everything you’re doing. There are various different ways of creating a little extra privacy in your garden. Irrespective of whether it involves reducing people’s views into your garden, or reducing the noise levels, the following products will help you create a cosy place where you can spend many happy hours.

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