The place to be you.

Home, the place where you can relax and be yourself — without being disturbed by anyone. Whether you're watching a movie in your living room or sunbathing outside, nobody else should be able to break the peace. With our products, you can have that extra bit of privacy.

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Enjoy your inner peace

Ritzscreens® block views from outside, whereas you can still look through your windows. Roller shutters also provide extra privacy and completely darken your room. Window decorations reduce the ability to look into your home and also serve as a lovely addition to your interior. Drop-arm awnings and canopy awnings add style and privacy to your facade.


Add privacy to your patio

Want some time for yourself, alone, on your own patio, without neighbours looking at what you're doing? With sliding walls, windscreens and fences, and zipscreens, you add the needed privacy to your patio, and you'll create a cosy place to spend time at.

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