A wind-free spot

You have decided to work from home today. The weather is nice, so your terrace is going to be your office for the day. All of a sudden there is a strong gust of wind. You’re annoyed that all your paperwork is now spread around the garden! This problem will become a thing of the past with our windscreens. You can already enjoy plenty of outdoor time quite early on in the year, without being bothered by the wind!

Windscreen_V745-Luderitz_TexturedAnthracite _01

A long outdoor season

One of the main advantages of windscreens is that you can continue to enjoy outdoor living much earlier, but certainly also until much later in the year. It will often be the wind which makes it feel a little fresh outdoors. Our windscreens will allow you to create a completely wind-free spot in your garden or on your terrace. You are completely in charge of deciding on the design of your windscreen by choosing the type of glass, frame colour and the type of design.

V730 - Biarritz windscreen

You can completely assemble the Biarritz windscreen yourself. In addition to the dimensions and colour of the profiles, you are also completely in charge of the infill yourself. Would you like to create some variation in your garden? A variant on wheels will allow you to create cosy and wind-free corners on your terrace.

Windscreen_V730-Biarritz_Textured Anthracite_01


Max. width windscreens 3 m
Max. height windscreens 2,5 m
Type of filling Tempered glass 5 mm
Extra One-, two- of three-part

Most popular colours

V745 - Lüderitz windscreen

The Lüderitz windscreen responds to changes in the weather. You can decide on the height of your windscreen with the electric moveable parts of the windscreen and thereby regulate the amount of wind on your terrace.

Windscreen_V745-Luderitz_Textured Anthracite_02


Max. width windscreens 3 m
Max. height windscreens 2,5 m
Type of filling Tempered glass 5mm
Extra Electrically operated movable parts

Most popular colours

V750 - Martinique fence

The Martinique fence offers the possibility of replacing part of the aluminium planks with an alternative filling. Part of the views through to the garden can be kept with a slats filling



Max. width fences 2 m
Max. height fences 2,1 m
Type of filling slats
Extra Extensive installation options

Most popular colours

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