We would like to draw your attention to the fact that we collect and use the personal data that you provide to us as this is necessary to conclude and execute any agreement with you. This applies both to our (potential) customers and to parties with whom we purchase products and/or services.

1. Consumers
If you place an information request or an order with us, you want your personal data treated in a careful manner. We will therefore make every effort to protect your personal information. We collect your data in a secure environment and store your data in a secure database. The secure environment can be recognized by the reliable SSL certificate. Before we start on your data, let's first provide ours.

Company name: Verano B.V.
Business address: Bedrijfsweg 8, 5683 CP in Best, The Netherlands.
Telephone number: +31 (0)499 330 335.
E-mail address: [email protected]
CoC number: 17119924

1.1 What do we want to know about you and why?
In order to process your information request or order, we need some information from you. What do we want to know about you and why?

Which data?

First and last name

We would like to address you in a correct manner.

Address, postal code and city

We would like the information or order you have requested to be delivered to the correct address.

Telephone number

We would like to contact you to check if everything went well with your information request and/or order.

E-mail address

You will receive an e-mail with information about your request and/or order, and we would like to keep you informed by e-mail.

Payment information

You can pay your order in a secure environment. Your bank account number will only be used to complete the payment or if you are to receive a refund from us.

IP address

Based on your IP address, we remember your preference in order to give you appropriate advice.

1.2 What do we use your data for?
We use your data, but we only do this to serve you as well as possible. 1.2 What do we use your data for?

For what purpose?


Referral to Verano® partners

Verano® does not deliver its products directly to private individuals, but of course you want to know where you can buy our products. In order to provide you with the best possible service, we will forward the information you have filled in to the Verano® partner(s) in your area so that they can contact you.

Customer service

If you have any questions, you can contact us by phone, e-mail or social media. We will remember your details to ensure that we are able to assist you fast and efficiently in future, and to be able to improve our services.

News letters

You can subscribe to our newsletter without obligation. Do you prefer not to receive newsletters any more? You can always unsubscribe via the link at the bottom of the newsletter.


We would of course be happy to hear if our service matches your needs, so we may ask you a few short questions. Perhaps there are some points for improvement to be discovered? Through Google Analytics, we analyse your behaviour on our website(s), this is yet another point where we would like to make your experience complete. We always treat your data carefully!


If you receive emails from us, we record your interactions, with the aim of adapting the content of our communication to what we think is relevant to you.

2. Partners and suppliers
If you are one of our partners, we use your data to provide you with the best possible service. We use your data to send you an offer, to deliver goods or to invoice items. Moreover, we would like to communicate about the details of the agreement. If you are a supplier, it is also necessary to have your personal data. When entering into a purchase agreement, we would like to inform you about the details of the desired item or service. In addition, we use your data to place an order, pay the invoices and communicate smoothly about a matter or service. You are of course not obliged to provide us with your personal data. In that case, however, it is possible that we are not able to meet all the above mentioned items.

2.1 Direct marketing
Partners and suppliers receive news by e-mail with information about (new) products and aids to support sales. If you no longer want to receive these e-mails, you have the option to unsubscribe. The link for this can be found at the bottom of all e-mails.

3. Applicants
For the job application, we ask you to submit a number of personal details by means of a letter, curriculum vitae and a photo. We only use this information for the application procedure of the vacancy you are applying for. No later than four weeks after the application procedure, all received data will be deleted, unless in the meantime you consent to stay in our database for a longer time so that you are kept informed of the next vacancy. Herefor, the maximum storage period is one year.

4. Transfer to third parties
In order to implement a possible agreement with you, it is possible that we may need to provide your personal data to the following parties:

Which party?



In order to implement a possible agreement, it is possible that we may need to provide your personal data to parties who deliver materials, parts or products to us, or perform work on our behalf.

Provider of external servers

For the storage of our administration, we use external server space. Your personal data may form part of this.

E-mail marketing
Service Provider (ESP)

We use an E-mail Marketing Service Provider (ESP) to send our news items. Your personal data will be provided to the provider of this service.

5. Retention period for personal data
We strive not to keep your personal data longer than necessary. On this basis, we use the following retention periods:

Request for quotation (not a customer)

Your personal data will be deleted at the latest one year after the last contact.

Agreement with a customer

Your personal data will be kept for a period of seven years, after the end of the financial year in which the agreement with you has been fully implemented. This period corresponds to the duration of the administrative duty for the tax authorities.


No later than four weeks after the application procedure, all received data will be deleted, unless in the meantime you consent to stay in our database for a longer time so that you are kept informed of the next vacancy. Herefor, the maximum storage period is one year.

6. Your rights
Obviously you have various rights concerning the management of your personal data. A summary can be found below.

Right to



Ask us to view your personal data.

Supplement and/or change

If necessary, you can ask us to supplement or change personal data.
Remove and/or limit

You have the right to have your personal data removed or to limit the use thereof.


You can object to the collection and use of your data.

Acquisition and/or transfer

You can request us to provide your personal data or transfer it to another person.

7. Cookie statement
Our website uses cookies. We use cookies to personalize content and advertisements, to provide social media functions and to analyse our website traffic. We also share information about your use of our website with our partners for social media, advertising and analysis. These partners may combine this information with other information that you have provided to them, or that they have collected based on your use of their services. Cookies are small text files that can be used by websites to make user experiences more efficient. We need your permission for these cookies. Your permission applies to the following area: verano.nl.

Browser settings and removing cookies
If you do not want websites to store cookies on your computer, you can adjust your browser settings accordingly. In that case you will receive a warning before cookies are placed. You can also adjust your settings so that your browser refuses all cookies or only the cookies from third parties. You can also remove cookies that have already been placed. The permission given by you to Verano® for the placement and reading of cookies can also be withdrawn at any time by adjusting your browser settings to such an extent that your browser does not accept cookies and/or by removing all cookies already placed in your browser. However, this may result in certain parts of our website no longer working properly. How you can adjust your browser settings varies per browser. Below is a step-by-step explanation for Internet Explorer and Chrome:

Removing cookies in Internet Explorer

1. Go to the ‘Extra’ menu, then to ‘Internet options’ and then to ‘General’.
2. Under ‘Browsing history’, click on ‘Delete’.
3. Make sure in any case that 'Cookies' is checked.
4. Finally click on 'Delete'.

Removing cookies in Chrome

1. Click on the icon with three lines at the top right.
2. Click on 'Tools' and then on 'Clear browsing data'.
3. Make sure in any case that 'Delete cookies and other site and plug-in data' is checked.
4. You can also indicate how old the cookies should be. Click on 'All'.