Bright sunbeams

Sunlight can certainly enter your home incredibly brightly in the morning. Quite inconvenient when you’re trying to reply to some emails from your laptop in the kitchen, or when you want to watch the early morning news on the television. Pleated blinds are easy to adjust in height and will instantly filter the morning sun’s beams. 

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Extra privacy

Pleated blinds are the ideal solution for acquiring a little more privacy in your home. The folded material will allow you to easily slide them in or out of each other. The pleated blinds can be pushed down from the top, which means you can easily adjust to what extent people can look in. In addition, pleated blinds are also very popular because they can be used in virtually any situation. Choose a colour which suits your taste and your interior. You can choose from a variety of different colours and designs. You can opt for transparent, blackout, or perhaps even honeycomb pleated blinds.

Pleated blind

A pleated blind is a subtle form of window covering. A pleated blind is easy to slide in and out of each other as a result of the folded fabric. You can easily decide how much of a view you will allow into your home, as the pleated blinds can be pushed down from the top (top-down). Another major advantage of pleated blinds is that they will suit virtually any situation. It's therefore also incredibly easy to cover hinged windows and tilting windows.



Min - Max width 60 cm - 3 m
Min - Max hight 1 m - 2,6 m
Control Manuel or electric

Most popular colours

Wit 72.0005
Wit 72.0032
Grijs 72.0054
Wit 72.0008


We differentiate between standard pleated fabric and honeycomb pleated fabric. Standard pleated fabrics consist of a single pleated fabric. Honeycomb fabrics consist of two layers of folded fabric in a honeycomb structure. Air is retained between the double layer of fabric, resulting in the honeycomb pleated blinds having a better insulating value compared to standard pleated blinds. In addition, the double layer of fabric also reduces the visibility of the cords.



Min - Max width 60 cm - 3 m
Min - Max hoogte 1m - 2,6 m
Control Manuel or electric

Most popular colours

Wit 73.1001
Wit 73.1005
Zwart 72.0405
Zwart 72.0428

FAQ pleated blinds

  • What are the maximum dimensions of pleated blinds?


    The maximum sizes of pleated blinds from Verano® can be found in the table below. In addition, pleated blinds can be hung almost seamlessly side by side to span enormous widths.

    Maximum widthMaximum height
    Pleated blinds300 cm260 cm
    Honeycomb300 cm260 cm
  • What are the minimum dimensions of pleated blinds?


    The minimum dimensions of pleated blinds from Verano® can be found in the table below.

    Minimum widthMinimum height
    Pleated blinds
    60 cm
    100 cm
    Honeycomb60 cm100 cm
  • What is the difference between pleated fabric and honeycomb pleated fabric?


    Normal pleated blinds consist of one layer of pleated fabric. Honeycomb pleated fabrics contain two layers of pleated fabric that together form cells shaped like a honeycomb. These gaps trap air and thus make honeycomb pleated blinds more darkening and have a higher insulation value.

  • How do you clean pleated blinds?


    1. Dust is easily removed with a feather duster or (hand) vacuum cleaner. Use the (hand) vacuum cleaner on a gentle setting.
    2. Have stains appeared in the pleated fabric? Remove them carefully with a soft sponge or cloth in combination with lukewarm water.

    Note: Some fabrics have an additional protective layer. These cloths should not be made wet. In doubt? Check with the Verano® partner of your purchase to be sure!

  • What are Smartfit pleated blinds


    Smartfit pleated blinds from Verano® are pleated blinds that are framed with an aluminum mounting profile. Mounting of these pleated blinds is done by means of a magnetic strip or mounting clips. It is therefore not necessary to drill or screw into window frames and the pleated blinds can be easily disassembled. In addition, the Smartfit system is suitable for tilt/turn windows and doors.

  • Are pleated blinds dangerous for small children?


    Venetian blinds from Verano® are equipped with the European Commission's 'Child safety' regulations. These safety regulations exclude the risks of strangulation or internal asphyxiation. More information about 'Child Safety' can be found here.

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