A little time out of the sun

We always welcome those first rays of sunshine of the year with open arms. Even though we also quite enjoy being able to avoid the sun every now and then during the summer months. The bright sunshine will result in a significant increase in the temperature on your terrace. You can easily create a little extra shade, making sure your garden or terrace won’t overheat.


Plenty of possibilities

The way in which you can create some shade on your terrace will depend on your budget, your taste and the intended use. Sun awnings are a powerful means of creating shade on your terrace. However, if you also want to be able to stay on your terrace during a downpour, a veranda combined with a conservatory awning would be an excellent option. Are you going to go for a louvered roof? Then you will certainly have a real piece of art in your garden, as well as plenty of shade!

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