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Darken your room or shade your patio with sun-shading and heat-protecting zipscreens. Solar-powered zipscreens are equipped with a solar module, so that you can protect yourself from the heat, cold and brightness with solar energy.

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Discover the benefits of solar-powered zipscreens

Solar-powered zipscreens come with a solar motor, so don't need to connect your zipscreen to the power grid. Simply use solar energy to retract your awning fabric and protect yourself from the hot, bright sun.


The Ritzscreen® V550 is perfect for both small and large windows, as it can be supplied in different variants. You can create optional space between the facade and the screen using the intended spacing supports.

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Max. width screens 4000 mm
Max. height screens 3500 mm
Control Electric
Fabric collections Vitro colours & Metro colours
Profile colours Anodised, white, ivory, anthracite, anthracite str. and black str.
Wind class Wind class 6 TÜV Nederland
Solarmotor Optional
Weather sensors Optional
*Excluding measuring and assembly service

Most popular colours

Zwart 71.1111
Grijs 71.1204
Bruin 71.0104
Solarscreen zonnepaneel

Charge, store, and use solar energy

The solar motor of these zipscreens is equipped with a solar panel and a battery. When exposed to daylight, the cells collect solar energy, which is then stored in the battery. The motor uses this stored energy to retract the screen.

Solarscreen zonne energie

Make it your own zipscreen

With our tailor-made products, there’s a lot to choose from: size, profile color, fabric color and extras. We will make sure that your product suits your wishes!

  • How does a solar-powered zipscreen work?


    Solar-powered zipscreens — frequently called solarscreens — are equipped with a battery and a solar panel. This product does not have to be connected to the power network. The battery charges itself with solar energy — even during cloudy days. Daylight is sufficient!

  • What are the maximal measurements of solar-powered screens?


    The maximal measurements of a Verano® solar-powered zipscreen are:

    Width: 600 cm
    Depth: 600 cm

    It is possible to connect screens with one another to ensure more shade.

  • How miuch does a solar-powered zipscreen cost?


    Screens with solar motors with a 300cm x 200cm size and standard profile colors cost €900,- to €1300,- on average (excluding measurements and installation costs)

    This means a solar-powered zipscreen is about €200,-to €300,- more expensive compared to normal screens. In practice, however, there will be little to no extra installation costs when attaching your zipscreen to your window or facade. This is because you don't need to attach the product to the power network. Furthermore, you will not have any extra energy costs when using your solar-powered screen.

  • How can a solar-powered zipscreen be controlled?


    Solar zipscreens can be controlled with remote control or with your smartphone. You also have the option to open and close your zipscreen at predetermined times

  • Does the solar panel of my zipscreen need to be fully exposed to the sun?


    No, this isn't necessary, becaus the solar panel stores solar energy in an effective way. Exposure to daylight suffices, which is why solar-powered zipscreens also function well during winter months.

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