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The summer months are the busiest ones for bars, cafés and restaurants. Not surprisingly: Customers love enjoying a cup of coffee, a nice meal, and a glass of wine in fresh air. With sun shading products for the restaurant industry, you can make your outdoor terrace shaded and wind-free. This way, your customers can enjoy your service to the fullest!

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Lugano horecazonwering voordelen

Enjoy the sun, don’t mind the rain

Our sun shading products are dynamic, which means you can easily respond to the ever-changing weather circumstances and to the needs of your customers. Simply open the sun awnings or wind screens and change the climate on your terrace.

V490 - Palermo (

Ready to provide shade to the largest patios. Sun awning V490 – Palermo can be up to 14m wide. This makes the Palermo interesting for the largest luxurious gardens and for outdoor eating areas.

Zonnescherm V490 palermo 2023


Price: T.B.A.
Type Cassette awning
Max. width 14000 mm
Max. depth 4000 mm
Control Electric
Profile colour White, anthracite, black
Wind class Wind class 1 TÜV Nederland
Inclination angle -
LED lighting Optional
Weather sensors Optional
*Excluding measuring and assembly service

Most popular colours

Grijs 70.2601
Grijs 70.2602
Beige 70.2624
Grijs 70.2526

V745 - Lüderitz windscreen

The Lüderitz windscreen responds to changes in the weather. You can decide on the height of your windscreen with the electric moveable parts of the windscreen and thereby regulate the amount of wind on your terrace.

Windscherm in glas Pare vent V745 Luderitz Antracietstructuur 02 resize


Max. width windscreens 3 m
Max. height windscreens 2,5 m
Type of filling Tempered glass 5mm
Extra Electrically operated movable parts

Most popular colours

V870 - Arezzo louvered roof

The Arezzo is an elegant louvered roof. The roof is formed by lamellae which open and close by means of an extremely quiet motor. A splash-proof cover is created once the lamellae are closed, resulting in a beautiful shady spot in your garden. A fantastic combination of a detailed finish, a robust aluminium construction and a sleek design.



Max. width 4,5 m
Max. depth 6 m
Control Electric
Extra Overhang possible

Most popular colours

Antraciet structuur
VS905 Zwart structuur
VS905 Zwart Structuur


De terrasoverkapping Lugano beschikt over een robuuste aluminium constructie, voor het weren van de zon maakt deze overkapping gebruik van een zonwerend doek. Dit maakt de Lugano bijzonder geschikt voor horecagelegenheden. Met de optionele integratie van een nevelinstallatie kan de temperatuur op een terras tot wel 12 graden gekoeld worden.



Max. width 7 m
Max. depth 4 m
Roof plates Fabric
Extra Misting installation possible

Most popular colours

V642 - Tumba

For years, we have had a various range of conservatory awnings. New product V642 - Tumba can be applied on a veranda and on posts such as a pergola. The Tumba is equipped with a sun-resistant, water-repellent and weather-resistant 100% high-tec polyester uni-fabric from the Retro Colors with a side guide zipper

V6xx Tumba 5 antraciet


Max. width 6m
Max. depth 5m
Control Somfy pergola IO
Frame colour All standard RAL-colours
Type On terrace roof or poles
Regenbestendig Yes, with integrated drainage
LED verlichting Optional
Weather sensors Optional
Award Red Dot Design Award 2020
*Excluding measuring and assembly service

Most popular colours

70 3009
Grijs 70.3009
70 3011
Grijs 70.3011
70 3010
Grijs 70.3010
70 3012
Grijs 70.3012

  • What is sun protection for the catering industry


    These are sun protection solutions made specifically for the catering industry. Thanks to their size, they are suitable for large outdoor terraces. Popular products for the restaurant industries are verandas, pergola awnings, louvered roofs and windscreens.

  • Why should I add sun protection products to restaurant’s terrace


    A growing amount of customers wants to enjoy their dinner and drink outside. By adding sun protections solutions to your terrace, you create a comfortable dining place that protects your guests from the hot sun and the cold rain and wind. As result, your guests can enjoy the outside for a longer period of time.

  • What are the maximal dimensions of sun protection


    The maximal dimensions of sun protection products vary. It is also possible to couple some of our products. View our product pages for more information about the product dimensions

  • How much do sun protection screens cost?


    It depends on your wishes! Contact a nearby Verano®-Partner for more information.

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