Save on your energy costs

Regulating the indoor climate is an important cost item for many households. A great deal of heat is lost via windows during the winter months and, because we all like living in a warm and cosy home, this heat loss will inevitably result in a high energy bill. The insulation value of your windows, in other words, how well (or badly) the windows keep the heat inside, is significantly improved with the addition of sun protection.

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Protection on the outside

Sun protection on the outside of your home, such as roller shutters and Ritzscreens®, will provide an effective way of realising energy savings. The addition of these products will create an extra air cavity, making sure it’s harder for heat to leave your home and stopping any cold air from entering. In order to enjoy optimal benefits, you should use the sun to warm up your home during the winter months, whilst protecting your rooms against the cold at night. A lovely evening breeze will cool down your home in the summer and you will be protecting your home from the heat during the day.


Protection on the inside

You will be able to regulate the temperature inside your home more effectively by covering your windows with window decorations. Window decorations will create an extra air cavity, just like the external sun protection, resulting in an improved insulation value of your windows. Window decorations can increase the insulation value of single-glazed windows by up to 60%. This will ultimately result in a lower energy bill! It goes without saying window decorations are a fashionable product too and will definitely have a positive effect on the appearance of your home.

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