Lower your energy bills

Achieving the ideal indoor climate is difficult. Poorly-insulated homes cool down quickly during winters. We all want to relax in a warm and cozy home, right? That's why we heat our homes. As the indoor temperature goes up, our energy bills do too. With sun shading, you improve the insulation value of your windows. As result, you can keep your home warm while lowering the energy bills.

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Use the sun to the fullest

Outdoor sunshading solutions like roller shutters and Ritzscreens® effectively protect from the heat and cold.. When rolled down, they create an extra insulation layer, making it difficult for hot air to leave your home during cold winters. These products keep the sun and heat outside during hot summers, preventing your home from overheating. Zipscreens can even lower the indoor temperature by multiple degrees Celsius.


Protection on the inside

Window decorations too create an extra air cavity, just like the outdoor sun shading. They can increase the insulation value of single-glazed windows by up to 60%. This will ultimately result in a lower energy bill! It goes without saying window decorations are a fashionable product too and will definitely have a positive effect on the appearance of your home.

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