Behind lock and key

Just imagine: It’s early in the evening, you drive into your street and your home comes into view. You can see the garage is still closed when you look up the street, but once you get a little closer you can simply push a button and the garage door will open automatically, allowing you to instantly drive your car into the garage. You can now safely get out of your car, knowing your car is securely behind lock and key in the garage at night!


Behind lock and key

Verano®’s garage doors have a high thermal insulation value. The garage doors are equipped with an anti finger trapping device and spring protection for safety purposes. Garage doors are made to measure, allowing you to be in complete charge of your garage door’s appearance. You choose the type, the colour, the operation, etcetera. This will ensure the garage door will always perfectly suit the appearance of your home.

Garage door

You can decide what your garage door is going to look like with a choice of 9 different panel types. For example, you could opt for either horizontal or vertical profiling and you can choose from a Woodgrain design, or perhaps a stucco design. You can subsequently completely finish off your garage door design with your choice of colour and the optional addition of windows. Ask your Verano® partner about the operating possibilities of the garage doors, the possibilities are endless!



Max. width 5 m
Max. hight 3 m
Panels 9 different panel types
Extra Window square or round

Most popular colours