Reduce sunlight and sights

Imagine getting extra hours of sleep, without being disturbed by an early sunrise. Imagine watching your favourite movie, without worrying about reflections on the screen. Imagine recreating day and night at home during midsummer days. With sun shading, you're no longer troubled by incoming light, and you're adding more privacy to your home as well.

Verano zonwering verduisteren

On the outside

Roller shutters and Ritzscreens® are mounted to the facade of your home. Whereas roller shutters can completely darken a room, Ritzscreens® only filter annoying light reflections. Light is still let through and the view to outside is kept. With sun awnings, drop-arm awnings and canopy awnings, you can also regulate the amount of light in your home.


On the inside

You can also darken a room by covering your windows on the inside. Window decorations filter incoming light. Depending on the material and colour you choose, you can either partially or completely darken your rooms. You will instantly have a stylish addition to your interior too.

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