Relaxing with a louvered roof

With a louvered roof you create a place where you can relax with a book or have a drink with friends. Isn't that what everyone wants? An attractive rest area in the garden, in or out of the sun, entirely according to your wishes. The weather and the incidence of light influence the hours you spend in your garden or on your terrace. With a louvered roof we ensure that you regain control!

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Respond to changes in the weather

With louvered roofs you can respond quickly and easily to changing weather conditions. You determine the amount of sunlight and ventilation by changing the position of the slats. Louvered roofs can be placed against the facade, on an existing construction or freestanding in your garden. The sleek aluminium design of the roof also makes it a real eye-catcher in the modern garden

V870 - Arezzo louvered roof

The Arezzo is an elegant louvered roof. The roof is formed by lamellae which open and close by means of an extremely quiet motor. A splash-proof cover is created once the lamellae are closed, resulting in a beautiful shady spot in your garden. A fantastic combination of a detailed finish, a robust aluminium construction and a sleek design.



Max. width 4,5 m
Max. depth 6 m
Control Electric
Extra Overhang possible

Most popular colours

Ral 06 08

V880 - Rapallo louvered roof

The Rapallo lamellae are tiltable as well as slidable. Fancy a day of sunbathing out on your terrace? Then completely slide open the lamellae and enjoy the full sun. A splash-proof cover will be created when closed.



Max. width 3 m
Max. depth 5,1 m
Control Electric
Extra LED-lightning possible

Most popular colours

Ral 06 08
Zonwering op maat lamellendak

Tailor-made louvered roofs

Verano® louvered roofs are always made to measure. This means that we make the roofs to the nearest millimetre. This is because customisation allows you to make optimum use of the functional properties of louvered roofs and to arrive at solutions that are not only functional but also pleasing to the eye! In addition to the dimensions, you determine the profile colours, the design and extra options and make the roof entirely to your wishes.

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