Stay in control of the heat

Have you invited some family over for dinner at yours tonight? The heat can sometimes make your living room incredibly warm. There are various different ways of regulating the temperature in your home. Drop-arm awnings are an excellent solution here!

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Keep your home cool

Positioning drop-arm awnings in front of your windows will allow you to regulate the temperature in specific rooms more easily. Definitely a great idea with the constantly increasing summer temperatures! The air conditioning won’t need to work as hard and you will be able to realise nice energy savings. Sun radiation could also end up being responsible for the discolouration of your furniture. This problem will become a thing of the past with our drop-arm awnings.

Drop-arm awning

The range of drop-arm awnings consists of standard versions without cabinet and cassette versions, within which the fabric is protected against weather influences when closed. You can decide on your own level of user comfort by opting for either the manual or electric operation.



Max. width 5 m
Max. depth 1,5 m
Control Manual or electric
Fabric collections Trend colours & Urban colours
Frame colours Tech. silver, white, ivory or anthracite tex.

Most popular colours

Grijs 70.2601
Grijs 70.2602
Beige 70.2624
Grijs 70.2526

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