Discover how Zipscreens can keep your home cool

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Overheated buildings

The way homes are built is changing. We are encouraged to build and renovate better-insulated homes. This, combined with climate change, increases the risk of overheating in your home.

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Some awning fabric colours can block more sunlight and heat

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Dark or light awning fabrics

The extent to which sunrays that are blocked, absorbed and let through depends on the zipscreen fabric color. With this calculator, you’ll learn how dark and light awning fabrics impact your home. You’ll also get to know how you can battle overheating. Choose for a zipscreen with aesthetic and technical attributes that suit you the most:

Solar-powered zipscreens

Wireless solar powered zipscreens promote sustainability. These zipscreens with solarmotor are equipped with a battery that charges itself with solar energy. This energy is collected by the solar panel located on top of the casing. Easy to mount and energy friendly.