Choose your awning based on these 6 points


With an average temperature of 18.9 ° C, the summer of 2018 was, according to the KNMI, the warmest since at least 1706. On hot days it is important to stay out of the sun as much as possible. However, this does not mean that you have to go inside immediately. With an awning you can turn your terrace into the ideal place to enjoy the shade.

Awnings come in many shapes and sizes, but how do you ensure that you choose the awning that best suits your home or patio? We are happy to show you what you should pay attention to when purchasing an awning.

Size sun awning

The desired size of the awning naturally influences the choice you make. If you have a large terrace, you naturally want to be able to make optimum use of it. The maximum width of type of awnings varies from a maximum of 6 meter wide to 12 meter wide. The projection of the awnings also varies by type, so it is possible to choose an awning with a projection of up to 4 m.

Housing sun awning

The casing of a sunshade is called the cassette. Standard awnings come without casing around the fabric. This means that the awning fabric is not protected against (weather) influences from outside. If you opt for an awning with a semi or full cassette, the fabric is protected against dirt, dust and rain. This greatly improves the lifespan and appearance of the canvas. Since the cassette of the awning hangs on the facade of your home, you want it to fit nicely in style. Verano® supplies awnings with a round, rounded or rectangular cassette.

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The operating options of awnings are enormously varied. This way you easily determine the ease of use. Below you will find a summary of the most important control options for awnings. Ask a specialist to inform you about the operating choice.

  • Hand operated with rotary rod
  • Electric with wall switch
  • Electric with remote control
  • Electric with smartphone or tablet
  • Electric with sun- / wind sensor


In addition to the functional properties, an awning also has a mood-enhancing role on your terrace. Giving you a feeling of shelter and privacy, you can create a cozy place by adding an awning to your terrace. Extra nice if your awning can also provide athmospheric lighting on your terrace on a long summer evening. Some types of awning can be equipped with LED lighting.

Integrated awnings

Integrated awnings are incorporated in the facade of a home. In that case you do not have a visible cassette mounted on the facade. This ensures a sleek and modern appearance of your home. Are you busy with the design of a new house? Ask a specialist about the possibilities. Now’s the chance!



When choosing your awning you can determine both the colour of the profiles and the colour of the fabric. This gives you the freedom to fully adjust the awning to the style of your home. Do you know the exact colour of your window frames? An awning with profiles in matching colour gives an enormously beautiful effect.

Naturally, the colour and pattern of the canvas is an important decision to make. However, this choice is not only important to determine the appearance of your awning. The type of fabric also determines the extent to which your awning repels the sun's rays. A specialist can help you make the right choice.