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Pergola awning V642 - Tumba Winner Red Dot Awards


The coveted Red Dot Awards were recently presented in Mülheim an der Ruhr. After the many laudatory reactions to the Polyclose, we can now share with great pride that we have won the Red Dot Product Design Award with our new pergola awning V642 - Tumba.

Winning design

The poles and side rails of the V642 - Tumba have the same size and thus create unity in design and appearance. The visual impact of any connecting parts is minimized and the retractable construction provides efficient protection from both sun and rain.

The conservatory awning is equipped with a patented locking mechanism that ensures that the front frame is "locked". The revolutionary four-sided, variable tensioning system ensures a smooth movement of the fabric. When fully opened, extreme tension is achieved by automatically locking the front frame and exerting an enormous force on the fabric using the same motor that moves the system. The result: a fabric that not only looks perfect, without wrinkles or waves, but also performs at its best.

International quality meter

The origins of the Red Dot Design Awards go back to 1955. The award, the Red Dot, is internationally established as the largest design award in the world and one of the most sought-after quality marks for a design. Award-winning designs are presented in exhibitions around the world, in the Red Dot Design Museums, in yearbooks and online.