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Everything you need to know about the fabric of a sun awning


The sun protective fabric is the driving force behind your awning. The fabric of your awning covers the entire surface of the screen and has the task of keeping out the incoming sunlight. Is your awning fabric in need of replacement, are you about to clean it, or would you like to know more about its fabric properties? Continue reading!

Function sun awning fabrics

Scientific studies show that ultraviolet radiation accelerates the skin’s biological ageing process and can lead to permanent damage or disease in the long term. That is why you do not want to be exposed to the sun all day in summer. Depending on the tissue density and color of the fabric, sunrays are reflected, absorbed and transmitted as soon as they touch the fabric. Fabrics with a light color offer a minimum UV protection of 95%, dark fabrics can offer up to 100% UV protection. In addition, fabrics also reduce the chance of a glare effect that can occur due to excessive light intensity in your garden or on your terrace.

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Cleaning a sun awning fabric

Start removing loose dirt with a brush or hoover. Stains in the fabric can easily be removed with lukewarm water and a detergent. Do not use aggressive detergents as this could damage the finish layer of your fabric. Rinse the fabric with lukewarm water so that no soap residues remain. Some of the impregnation layer may be lost when the fabric is washed. For this reason, dry the fabric completely and apply a new layer of impregnation spray so that the fabric is once again resistant to dirt and moisture. Are you planning on cleaning the entire awning? Then read on here.

Replacement of the sun awning fabric

If you handle the fabric of your awning carefully, you can enjoy it for years without any problems. By removing dirt, closing it in time when it rains and allowing it to dry when damp, you can extend the life of the fabric enormously. In addition, the Verano® collection comes with a 5-year guarantee.

In the unlikely event that the fabric of your awning needs replacing, that is possible. The fabric is attached to the fabric tube and to the front frame by means of plastic fabric tendons. If you are going to replace the fabric of your awning, we recommend that you seek the assistance of a specialist in your area.

May fabrics of sun awnings get wet?

Verano® fabrics are impregnated with water-repellent impregnation. This ensures that they can withstand a small downpour at a minimum fabric angle of 14 degrees. We recommend that the awning is rained on as little as possible. Is the fabric unexpectedly wet after all? If so, let it dry thoroughly before you close the awning again.

Sun awning properties

Fabric collections are developed with the greatest care, yet it is possible that phenomena may occur in the awning fabric. Despite the best production, processing and clothing techniques, these phenomena cannot be avoided, and the value of the sun protection fabric remains undiminished. What exactly do you need to think about?


In the case of light fabric colors, pigment shifts may occur in the kink of the fabric when it is made. Kinked folds look dark-colored if you hold the fabric against the light.


When processing finished fabrics, even with the greatest care, light streaks may appear. These stripes are called pinstripes.


In the vicinity of the hems and seams, the double layers of fabric can create different change thicknesses on the fabric roll. This can cause dust tensions resulting in waves.