A custom-made veranda in 5 steps


Want to spend every season in your garden? With a veranda you create a sheltered spot on your terrace. This means you are less bothered by the wind, you are sheltered from rain and you create a cosy spot in your garden. Nothing but advantages! With a made-to-measure veranda, you make sure that it completely meets your wishes. The choices you have to make will be discussed in our blog.

Measurements customized veranda

A customized veranda means that it is made to the nearest millimeter. In this way you can have the veranda fit perfectly to your façade and, for example, fit is seamlessly between two walls.







300 cm

1400 cm

200 cm

6000 cm

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Tailor-made veranda roof filling

When purchasing a veranda, you can choose between two types of roof filling, namely glass or polycarbonate. Polycarbonate is a price interesting variant of good quality. Polycarbonate sheets are 16 millimetres thick and available in various variants, namely: opal, clear or 2-room clear.

A luxury alternative to polycarbonate is a safety glass filling. The type number of the glass reflects the layers from which the glass plate is constructed. For example, laminated glass 44.2 consists of 2 layers of glass of 4mm and one layer of film of 2 micrometer thickness. Laminated glass is also available in 2 'colours', we distinguish clear and milky white. Glass sheets in milky white, just like polycarbonate in opal, ensure that you suffer less from the radiation of the sun. However, this is at the expense of daylight and the feeling of space under your terrace roof.


Gutter and uprights veranda

In addition to choosing the filling for your veranda, you can also choose the type of gutter and uprights. It may seem that it does not really matter which type of gutter or uprights you choose, but these partly determine the appearance of your veranda. In most cases, you can choose between straight, round or Victorian gutter. Do you have a house and garden in country style? A classis gutter and upright in Victorian style fit in well with this. You can create a modern look by choosing a round or straight gutter.

Profile colour veranda

The colour of the profiles is also an important part of your made-to-measure veranda. This not only determines the appearance of your veranda, but also the overall appearance of your home. In the images below you will find the standard colours white, ivory and anthracite structure, but of course you can also choose a different ralk colour. If, for example, you know the RAL colour of your window frames or other elements in your garden, you can have the veranda produced in the same or matching colour.

Terrasoverkapping op maat wit
Terrasoverkapping op maat ivoor
Terrasoverkapping op maat antraciet str


A solid concrete foundation will hugely benefit the stability of your patio awning. Therefore always make sure you consider the possibilities in your garden beforehand.

CE Marking

From 1 July 2014 it is mandatory that all parts of a load bearing steel structure are CE-marked according to NEN-EN 1090. A construction product may no longer be placed on the market without this CE marking. That is why we advise you to always check at the point of sale whether the terrace roof is CE-marked .

Alternatives to an awning

It’s naturally also of great importance for you to carefully think whether a veranda is actually the right product for you. A veranda may well have been the first product to come to mind, but there are certainly plenty of alternatives. How about a louvered roof as an alternative to a veranda? A louvered roof is well-known as a result of its beautiful and modern appearance. In addition, one major advantage of a louvered roof is that you can decide on the level of shade you want to create yourself with the electrically operated lamellae.