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There are 3 ways to install a louvered roof


Louvered roofs are enormously popular due to their luxurious appearance and versatility. The tiltable slats of this type of veranda make it very easy to determine the degree of incident sunlight. When closed, you can even create a completely shady spot. The louvered roof is also a versatile product in the way it is installed, for example it can be placed against the facade, freestanding or on an existing construction.

Louvered roof on the facade

In the case of a louvered roof with facade mounting, the canopy is attached to the facade on one side. On the opposite side, the veranda is fitted with 2 (or more) uprights. This version is extremely suitable for terraces directly adjacent to the house.

Louvredak gevel

Freestanding louvered roof

With a freestanding louvered roof, you are not tied to a facade or wall. The louvered roof is made with 4 or 6 uprights and can therefore be placed anywhere in your garden or on your terrace. In this way you create an extra sheltered seating area in your garden.

Louvredak vrijstaand

Construction or integration of a louvered roof

Do you have an existing veranda or pergola on your terrace? Possibly you can place the louvered roof on top of it. With the integration or construction of a louvered roof, you ensure a seamless connection to an existing situation. In this case, it is important that you have your situation assessed by a Verano partner® or architect.

Louvredak opbouw of integratie
Louvredak met gevelmontage

Louvered roof with facade mounting

Extra shelter

With a ritzscreen® or glass sliding wall you can provide your louvered roof with extra protection. When you install a freestanding louvered roof, you do not benefit from the shelter that a wall or facade offers. This can ensure that the wind has free play under your roof.

The side guides of ritzscreens® can be integrated on the inside of the uprights of the louvered roof. In this way, a taut whole is created where an entire side of the louvered roof can be closed off. On this side you no longer suffer from the incoming sunlight and the wind is reduced to a breeze.

With glass sliding walls you make the side(s) of your louvered roof completely windproof, you also ensure that visibility is maintained.

Louvredak met ritsscreens

Louvered roof with ritzscreens®

Colour of choice

Because we don't want to limit your choice of colour for a luxury product such as a louvered roof, these verandas come stanard in a barred colour of your choice. In this way, you can choose the colour that best matches your house or terrace, or you can include the colour in your architect's or gardener's design.