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What veranda type suits your wishes?


It is not for nothing that the veranda has gotten enormously popular in the past few years. This is because with a veranda you can enjoy life on your terrace or in your garden longer and more often. The outside air gives us new energy and scientific studies have shown that outside air provides better concentration and less stress. In short: being outside is healthy! With a veranda you can enjoy extra living space in the open air and it offers you protection from the sun, rain and wind all year round. In this blog we will work with you to find out which of the types of verandas below best suit your wishes.

  • Veranda
  • Louvered roof
  • Pergola roof
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Veranda roof

The veranda roof is one of the best known types of roofing. This veranda can be fitted with a polycarbonate or glass roof filling and offers enormous protection against rain and wind. When opting for a veranda with a glass roof, you have to take into account that temperatures can rise considerably under the roof in summer.

Verandas can easily be extended with sliding walls or ritzscreens. This way you transform your veranda into a true garden room where you can enjoy the garden from early spring until late autumn.

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Louvered roof

The louvered roof is a roof that fits in very well with the modern garden. A special feature of this canopy is the roof consisting of tilting slats. These slats can be operated by remote control to determine the ideal angle. This way you can easily choose whether you want to keep out the sun or allow it on your terrace.

The slats can be placed on the facade, freestanding or on an existing construction. The innovative louvered roof in combination with the spectacular design means that this type of veranda requires a larger budget than a classic one.

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Pergola canopy

If you are looking for a veranda roof to protect you during sun and rain, you can opt for a pergola roof with a water-repellent fabric. Just like the glass roof and the louvered roof, this veranda contains an integrated water drainage system which, in conjunction with the fabric, ensures that rainwater is drained away via the pergola uprights.

The Verano® range includes the V642 - Tumba veranda, that recently won the prestigious Red Dot Design Award!

Measurements veranda

The measurements of your terrace may play a role in choosing the right roof. In the table below you will find the minimum and maximum dimensions of the different types of canopies. Would you like to span larger widths? By means of a link, multiple roofs can be placed next to each other.

Type verandamin. widthmax. widthmin. fallout
max. fallout
Polycarbonate/Glass roof3,0m
Louvered roof
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Aluminum roofs

The profiles of our roofs are made of high quality aluminum. Aluminum has the properties that it is virtually maintenance-free and guarantees a long lifespan. We are proud owner of the AluEco certificate. The AluEco foundation promotes sustainability and ensures that aluminum is recycled into high-quality products.