Instant privacy

Do you enjoy exercising in front of the television? Then it would naturally be great if you could peacefully and privately do your exercises in the living room. Tilting the blinds will instantly give you a little extra privacy in your living room. Allowing you to undisturbedly do your exercises. 


Specifically tailor-made

We enjoy letting daylight into our home. But it’s definitely also nice to completely darken a room when watching a good film. This is certainly no problem with our Venetian blinds! You can play with the position of the blinds to determine how much light you want entering your home. Blinds are now also completely on trend again. The sleek lines mean the vertical blinds perfectly suit a home with a modern interior.


Aluminium lamellae

Aluminium lamellae are beautifully suited to a sleek and industrial interior. The lamellae are available in three different width sizes. Your interior will appear more peaceful if you opt for a wide lamella. You can choose more narrow lamellae for a more playful look of your window.



Min - Max width 1000 mm - 6000 mm
Min - Max height 1000 mm - 3000 mm
Width dimensions 52 mm | 70 mm | 89 mm
Control Manual or electric

Most popular colours

Alu 10 2275
Alu 10 2331
Alu 10 2414
Alu 10 2802

Plastic lamellae

The plastic lamellae from the Verano® collection are available in four different sizes. Plastic lamellae have a sound-absorbing function, resulting in a peaceful ambiance in your living room or office. Plastic lamella are just as suitable as aluminium lamellae for damp rooms and are very easy to clean.



Min - Max breedte 1000 mm - 6000 mm
Min - Max hoogte 1000 mm - 3000 mm
Breedtematen 52 mm | 70 mm | 89 mm | 127 mm
Bediening Handbediend of elektrisch

Most popular colours

Pvc 20 1708
PVC 20.1708
Pvc 20 1709
PVC 20.1709
Pvc 20 1711
PVC 20.1711
Pvc 20 1710
PVC 20.1710