Terrasoverkapping met doek

Awnings that cover your patio roof.


Patio roofs (or veranda roofs) are valuable additions to your garden. These products, that protect from the wind and rain, allow you to enjoy the outdoors longer and more frequently. However, these roofs are less suitable for shading your patio from the sun. Luckily, there are patio roof covers, also known as conservatory awnings. In this blog article, you’ll discover the different patio roof canopies and their benefits.

Why you should go for a patio roof cover

As said before, glass patio roofs are less effective sun shaders. In fact, when you’ve bought a transparent glass roof, it can get extra bright and hot on your roofed patio. This is because these roofs let through most of the sun rays. Opaque glass and polycarbonate patio roofs do offer some sun protection, but this means your patio is permanently shaded.

If you want to have control over the amount of light and the temperature on your patio, you should go for a patio roof cover, an awning that is installed above or below your glass patio roof.

What do patio roof covers do?

These roof covers offer the needed protection from the hot and bright sun, whereas the glass patio roof shields you from the wind and rain. Because these patio roof covers can be rolled in and out, you can decide how much light falls on your roofed terrace.

This means that you can enjoy a shaded patio when rolling out your cover, and when you need more brightness and heat, you can roll up your awning again.

Patio roof awnings vs. awnings

“But if I want to be protected from the sun, couldn’t I just go for a regular sun awning?” Yes, but the problem is that these awnings don’t shield you from the rain. Some patio roof awnings, like pergola awnings, can protect your patio from a shower.

When combining a glass roof with an awning, you are optimally protected from both the brightest sun and the heaviest rain showers. Not all patio roof awnings are rainproof, but when it rains, you can simply retract them and let your glass patio roof do the rest.

Three ways to cover your patio roof

Now you know a bit more about the benefits of patio roof covers, let’s show you three different ways to cover your glass patio roof.

Pergola awnings

Pergola-awnings: These are unique, elegant products, consisting of an aluminium structure with two to four posts. The side guide rails of the pergola awning support the awning fabric, that can be retracted with the use of a switch, remote controller or with your smartphone.

Thanks to its structure, pergola awnings can be placed at any spot in your garden

Conservatory Awnings

Conservatory awnings are placed on top of or below the veranda roof. Because the glass patio roof is already mounted against the wall, your conservatory awning has to be wall-mounted as well.

Freestanding glass roof with integrated awning fabrics

We have recently developed a unique sun shading and weather protection system: The V875 – Belluno, a glass roof that functions as pergola and has integrated awning fabrics. This allows you to create a covered and shaded spot anywhere in your garden.