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Verandas with sun protection


A veranda with sun protection ensures that you are both protected from a shower and from obstructing incoming light from the sun and is therefore very popular. In most cases, a veranda with sun protection consists of two separate products, namely a veranda and a conservatory awning. In this blog we will discuss how to combine the right veranda with a matching conservatory awning and ensure the optimal result.

Canopies with polycarbonate

Verandas with a polycarbonate roof filling usually allow less sunlight through than roofs with a glass roof. This means that if you have a veranda with a polycarbonate roof, you will need less sun protection above or below your roof.

A disadvantage of a veranda with polycarbonate is that this material allows less daylight through than glass. What's more, glass has a luxurious appearance and retains the view through to the outside.

Verandas with glass

If you opt for a version with glass, you will sooner have the need to equip your veranda with sun protection. Especially on hot days, the temperature under a veranda with glass can increase enormously when you don't have protection from a sunshade.

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Extend verandas with conservatory awnings

If you are going to extend your veranda with conservatory awnings, you will be faced with various options. Below we will discuss the most important application possibilities with you.

Awnings at the top

An awning at the top of your veranda blocks out light and heat before they reach your terrace. This ensures effective heat control and means that the temperature under your veranda remains on arrow. An electric motor drives the awning at the top.

Awnings on the underside

An important advantage of an awning under your veranda is that the fabric is optimally protected against weather influences. In this way, moisture and dirt are less likely to affect the fabric. With the right colours and/or patterns you immediately create atmosphere on your terrace. An awning on the underside of your veranda can also be operated electrically with a switch, remote control or your smartphone.

Slatted blinds

In the case of a slatted blind, the fabric hangs attractively draped under your veranda. In this way you regain the sunlight and at the same time give a cosy twist to your terrace. Slatted blinds are made with a fabric from the screen fabric collection and have to be operated manually by means of a smoothly running cord control.

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Veranda with sun protection combined

Earlier in this blog we discussed how you can extend a veranda with awnings. However, the pergola awning V642 - Tumba is an exception. This awning on poles is equipped with a water-repellent fabric and therefore protects against both sun and rain.