Red Dot Award V875 - Belluno

After winning a Red Dot Design Award with our pergola awning V642 – Tumba, we are proud to share that we have won the Red Dot Product Design Award once again. This time it is our flat roof veranda with glass and integrated sun protection: the V875 – Belluno. We have received the world’s most popular design award due to its extraordinary design and innovative features.

The V875 – Belluno comes with integrated sun protection, which results in an uncluttered and sleek appearance in both an open and closed position. The natural light control and ventilation provided by the Belluno increases thermal comfort. The flat roof veranda is also designed with an ingenious glass slope, optimal water drainage management and integrated lighting.

The V875 Belluno is available from autumn 2022

V875 Belluno 1 1
V875 Belluno 2 1