BENG duurzaamheid

BENG | Building energy-neutral homes


The Dutch government uses urgent guidelines to protect its country against the negative effects of climate change. Next to that, our goal is to reduce further impacts of global warming. By creating climate-proof and energy-friendly buildings, we can harness ourselves against the impacts of climate change and reduce any further temperature increases.

One of these guidelines is BENG (Building energy-neutral buildings). The global aim is to become CO2-neutral. To achieve this, the building industry will need to build comfortable buildings that are energy neutral and free of natural gals.

(Dynamic) sun shading contributes to reducing the energy usage and offers protection against overheating. By profiting from — and protecting ourselves against — the sun, we can cool and heat our homes in a sustainable way.

Verano® employees are certified Smart Solar Shading Advisors. They can advise professionals and consumers on installing and using sun shading correctly. With the right information, communication and tools, we try to contribute to the Dutch government’s goals wherever we can.