Rollläden Lamellen Farben

Choose roller shutter colour? 4 popular roller shutter colours


If you are planning to equip your home with roller shutters, you are probably looking forward to the many benefits you will enjoy. Roller shutters will keep your home cool and dark, provide your home with extra security and also save on your energy bill. Now all you have to do is ensure that the roller shutters fit seamlessly into your home. To help you choose the right colour, we will show you the most popular roller shutter colours in this blog.

Shutter colours

The slats of a roller shutter together form the armour. The armour of a roller shutter covers a large surface area and therefore largely determines the facade appearance. The most popular slat colours are white, traffic white, ivory and anthracite.


V01 White

V20 Traffic white

V07 Ivory

V19 Anthracite

Popular new roller shutter colours

The classic colours mentioned above have been among the most popular colours for roller shutters for many years. However, with the introduction of a number of new colour shades, we have seen the popularity of the colours quarter-grey and black-grey increase. With these colours your roller shutters fit in seamlessly with for example new-build homes.


V66 Quarter-grey

V72 Black-grey

Casing colours roller shutters

The casing of the roller shutter consists of the upper body, the side guide and the lower slat. These roller shutter profiles are mounted on the facade or on the frame. For example, you can choose a colour that matches the colour of your roller shutters with the colour of your window frames.

Rolluik kleuren
Rolluiken kopen omkasting rond 1

Roller shutters in RAL colours

Most Verano® products can be made in any colour of ral colour of your choice. However, because the armour of roller shutters moves regularly and is therefore subject to the necessary friction, it cannot be made in a RAL colour. However, the casing of roller shutters can be finished in a RAL colour.