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Roller shutters or zipscreens? The similarities and differences


Summer is on its way, so let's be prepared for the hot and bright sun. You might already know that zipscreens and roller shutters are great at preventing too bright and overheated homes. But what are the the similarities and differences between these products? And which sun shading system suits your home the most?

In this blog, we’ll look at the similarities and differences of roller shutters and zipscreens. This way, you'll learn which product you should choose.

Block all sunlight with roller shutters

Roller shutters and zipscreens both have a darkening function, but not to the same extent. Roller shutters darken your rooms and prevent passers-by from looking through your window. However, your view of the outdoors is blocked, too.

Because of their light- and sight-blocking function, roller shutters are ideal for adding some privacy to your home. And how about a good night rest while it’s still bright outside?

Look out of your window with the screens closed?

Zipscreens are popular thanks to their unique awning fabric material, which lets through sun light, enough to add brightness to your home, but still blocks most of the sun rays and heat.

Another great thing? With zipscreens, you can still look through your windows, whereas the view from outside into your room is blocked. When it's dark outside and bright inside, however, the opposite happens: now it's your neighbours who can see what's happening in your living room.

Roller shuttersZipscreens
Fully dark roomLet through sunlight

Block 100% of your view

Outdoor view during daytime

Insulation and heat prevention

With both sun shading systems, you have more control on the room temperature during summers and winters. During summers, these products block hot sun rays from entering your room. During winters, shutters and screens add a little bit of extra insulation to your windows, keeping the warmth inside.

You should use the dynamic function of these products to the fullest. <dynamische zonwering blog?> Change the position of the slats or fabrics at the right times. Do you want to keep your home cool during hot summers? Keep your screens and shutters rolled out at daytime. During winters, you should close the sun shading systems after sunset to prevent heat loss.

Burglary prevention with roller shutters

Compared to zipscreens, roller shutters form a shield of strong slats in front of your windows. As result, your home is better protected from burglary attempts.


There aren't many differences in the way you control your roller shutters or screens. Both are electrically operated. With a switch, remote controller or smartphone, you can easily change the vertical position of both systems.

The blinds and awnings can also be equipped with a solar-powered motor. Solar panels capture sun rays, transform them into energy, and charge the battery that is included in the motor. You can use the collected energy to move the slats or awning fabric.

Solar-powered roller shutters and zipscreens have three key benefits:

  • Added sustainability: operate your systems with green energy
  • Save energy costs: no need to attach the systems to your power grid
  • Reduced installation costs: no drilling necessary


When you compare a roller shutter to a screen, you'll notice that the average price isn't that different. On average, zipscreens are slightly more expensive than roller shutters. Below, you’ll find the average costs of 200 x 200 cm roller shutters and zipscreens. In this example, the products are equipped with electric control through a wall switch.

Roller shutter 200 cm x 200 cmZipscreen 200 cm x 200 cm

What should I go for: roller shutters or zipscreens?

Based on the information above, you could argue that roller shutters are slightly more effective in blocking light, sight and heat. However, zipscreens create a more comfortable living environment, as they let through light and block annoying sun glares at the same time.

Roller shutters Zipscrens
Darken your home+++
Reduce temperature increase++++




Average price€ 613,€703

More information

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