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The benefits of roller shutters during Winters


Yes, you might consider roller shutters as typical products meant for the hot Summer months. And yet, they're also very useful during the dark and cold Winters.

Right now, you might ask how you can roller shutters during winter months and what benefits these products bring along. Roller shutters are for multiple reasons very useful during the winter season: they add insulation, comfort and safety to your home. We'll show you all the benefits in this short article.

Better insulation with roller shutters

Roller shutters are very useful during winters because they contribute to a better insulated home. When you close your roller shutter, an air layer between the product and your window is formed. This air layer blocks the cold air from outside, whereas the heat from inside has more difficulty to escape your home.

Protection against the winter sun

The sun stands lower during winter days, which means more direct sunlight falls into your home. This results in annoying reflections and sun glares. When you close your roller shutters, you are protected against these. Next to that, with roller shutters, you can easily control the amount of light in your living room.

Roller shutters against burglary attempts

During the darkest winter months, the number of burglary attempts is higher. With roller shutters, you add more security to your home. Not only do roller shutters block the sight from the outdoors to inside, but the slats of these products are also difficult to move.

More privacy with roller shutters

Last of all, you add more privacy to your own home when you choose for a roller shutter. And this way, you prevent your neighbours from spying into your living room while you're watching your favourite Christmas movie.

Solar roller shutters during winters

Verano® roller shutters can also be equipped with solar panels, which means your roller shutter can be operated with solar energy. And yes, the battery of these roller shutters is also charged when the sun isn't shining — exposure to day light is sufficient.

Because the roller shutters are equipped with a solar motor, they don't need to be connected to the power grid. Not only do you save installation costs, but you'll also lower your monthly energy bill even more. The energy you use for operating your roller shutters comes from the sun anyway.

An alternative to roller shutters

The disadvantage is that roller shutters, when fully closed, cause your home to be fully darkened. On top of that, the view to the outdoors is completely blocked. So if you still want to enjoy the benefits of roller shutters during winters and enjoy some sunlight and sight, you could better choose for a zipscreen.

More information about roller shutters?

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