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This is how ‘smart roller blinds’ work


Smart lighting, a smart television, a smart coffee machine, smart window decorations ... There are now an ever-increasing number of ‘smart’ domestic appliances. So what does being a smart appliance actually mean?

Smart domestic appliances

A smart appliance means the product in question is capable of making an internet connection. This will allow you to send orders to the device or appliance via a smartphone or tablet. For example, you can decide on the intensity and colour of the lighting with your phone. In addition to sending orders, it’s also possible to look at the status of a product. This means you can check your smartphone to see whether your coffee machine is in need of a service. All these smart appliances contribute to a Smart Home.

Smart window decorations

It goes without saying that smart window decorations also contribute to a Smart Home. Smart roller blinds will allow you to stay in bed that little bit longer and easily open your blackout roller blinds using an app on your smartphone or tablet. You can also arrange for your smart window decorations to ‘talk’ to the other devices in your home. How great would it be if your roller blinds automatically opened up when your alarm goes off in the morning? That would really be a fantastic way to wake up! The motors can all be connected to various different Smart Home devices, like the Homey and Google Home.

‘Hey Google..

Would you like to go one step further? Smart voice assistance (like Google’s Alexa) is the absolute top trend for the forthcoming year. Use your voice to tilt your Venetian blinds, so you won’t need to miss a second of your exciting film.

Smart tailor-made window decorations

Window decorations can have a huge influence on an interior. Tailor-made window decorations will allow you to perfectly match products to your windows. Therefore ask a specialist for advice, or use a measuring appointment at your home to make sure you won’t need to deal with any nasty surprises at a later stage.

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