One of the main advantages of aluminium is that it’s strong and solid, but light in weight too.

Why aluminium?
Our products’ profiles are made from top quality aluminium. One of the main advantages of aluminium is that it’s strong and solid, but also light in weight. Plus aluminium boasts properties which make it virtually maintenance-free. In addition, aluminium is also a material which can guarantee a long life. This means you can enjoy your Verano product for an extra long time. All these elements combined have made aluminium the perfect material to use as a basis for your sun protection product.

AluEco Certificate
We are proud owners of the AluEco certificate. This certificate shows we are members of the AluEco Foundation. This foundation feels responsible for maintaining the aluminium recycling chain in facade construction. Verano® does everything within its power to bring aluminium into the recycling chain. We also make sure that as much of the construction aluminium available on the market as possible comes from top quality recycled aluminium.

AluEco is a foundation consisting of various organisations which stand for top quality and sustainable use of aluminium. Together these organisations work on further reducing the environmental burden caused by metal and aluminium facade elements. The foundation realises this by managing a market-conformal recycling chain of aluminium in facade construction. The reuse of aluminium by the affiliated companies is realised in this recycling chain. This subsequently guarantees the top quality and sustainable use of this metal. AluEco also encourages the use of modern facade technology for sustainable buildings. More than 90% of the aluminium released from demolition or renovation projects is recycled into new top quality (construction) products.

Aluminium maintenance
It goes without saying you want to be able to enjoy your Verano product for as long as possible. That’s why we recommend cleaning your aluminium profiles twice a year. These are the tools you will need and the actions you will need to carry out:

De profielen van terrasoverkappingen zijn gemaakt van hoogwaardig aluminium. Aluminium heeft het grote voordeel dat het sterk en solide is, maar daarnaast licht in gewicht. Bovendien beschikt aluminium over de eigenschappen dat het nagenoeg onderhoudsvrij is en een lange levensduur garandeert.