Amy Lewis Verano 2

Moments of joy with repurposed zipscreens


With climate change in mind, the need for sustainability is growing. Verano® is looking for ways to process materials in more sustainable ways. A recent initiative turned out to be a special one: Amy Lewis, student at the Design Academy Eindhoven, turned unused zipscreen fabrics into unique window decorations.

144 awning fabrics

A few months ago, Verano® donated 144 unused zipscreen fabrics to the Design Academy Eindhoven. Fabrics that couldn’t be used for their original purpose, were of great use for Amy Lewis’ examination project. Amy could edit the fabrics, without risking them to become torn, thanks to the sturdy PVC-material.

Inspired by the samurai

Amy was inspired by the samurai’s attire and armory, and she wanted to give a modern twist to their art and craft. The samurai weren’t only known for their flamboyant style, but also for their sustainable and efficient way of using materials.

Dealing with material scarcity, the samurai created harnesses with repurposed materials coming from farm tools and kitchenware. And in today’s society we’re dealing with an excess of material waste that deserves a second life. As Amy sees it, companies should consider unused materials as an opportunity instead of waste.

With the repurposed zipscreen fabrics and braids, she created beautiful decorations, characterized by their playful color combination and the notable hole in the middle of the fabric.

A sun-shading picture frame

“The little moments of joy enhance your daily life,” Through the eyes of the samurai, the windows become a symbol of the Japanese culture. They serve a picture frame that turns the view to outside into a piece of art. Depending on the position of the sun, the design and color of the fabric changes throughout the day, making common moments special.

Another benefit is that the fabrics block the sun, meaning that rooms can be partially protected from the sun and heat. The awnings can also be used as a room separator.

Future moments

Unique moments can be made with unused materials, that’s what this project has shown us. Amy Lewis is open to continue making these window decorations. And Verano® is looking forward to all the creative initiatives that may follow.