Energy-efficient solutions against overheating

Climate change has now been causing heat records to be broken for several years and hot periods during the summer months to be more intense and longer. At present, many homes and terraces are not equipped for this. Large glass panes, combined with thorough insulation and airtightness, increase the risk of overheating in summer. In the search for energy-efficient solutions to overheating, consumers are increasingly turning to solar shading.

In some cases, these developments have unpleasant consequences. At the moment, the market can hardly meet the demand: delivery times are increasing and (parts of) orders may be delivered later than promised. Some awning fabrics currently have a delivery time of up to 20 weeks(!) and the delivery time for the Louvered roof V870 - Arezzo and the Pergola awning V642 - Tumba are unfortunately also running up enormously.

Material shortage

In addition, the tremendous scarcity causes price increases of raw materials and surcharges on materials. This may result in consumer prices being higher than normal for some time. We would like to ask for your understanding and promise that our Verano® partners will do their utmost to serve you in the best possible way.