Buying veranda sun protection? These are the advantages and possibilities


In most cases veranda sun protection is used in combination with a veranda or a conservatory. For this reason, this product is also often referred to as veranda awnings or conservatory awnings. In this blog we would like to discuss the most important advantages of veranda sun protection and show you which forms there are.

Temperature under your veranda

A veranda provides a sheltered spot on your terrace. This means that you can enjoy your garden early in the spring. Also in autumn, when it sometimes rains or a fresh breeze can blow, your veranda provides the necessary shelter.

On summer days with a lot of sunshine, however, a lack of wind or ventilation can cause the temperature under your veranda to increase. With veranda sun protection you weather a large part of the incoming sunlight and make sure that the temperature under your veranda remains comfortable.

Veranda sun protection against incident sunlight

A bright sun can cause annoying light sparkles on your terrace. The glass or polycarbonate of your veranda only repels a small part of the sun's rays. The incoming sunlight is then reflected by your windows, accessories or garden furniture. With a veranda sun protection, you can weather this sunlight and create a shady spot under your veranda.

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Dynamic sun protection

Veranda sun protection is in almost all cases equipped with an electric motor and is therefore easy to operate. Depending on the type of motor, it is possible to operate the veranda sun protection with a fixed switch, remote control or smartphone.

Because veranda sun protection is dynamic, you can easily vary the temperature and light on your terrace and in your home. Contrary to static sun protection such as an overhang, a wooden veranda or exterior slats, a veranda sun protection allows you to benefit from the sun's heat on and in your home in winter.

Extra atmosphere with veranda sun protection

In addition to various sun protection properties, veranda sun protection also increases the atmosphere on your terrace. It is not for nothing that there is an extensive collection of fabrics to decorate your veranda. Combine the colours or patterns of the fabric with the colour of the aluminium of your veranda.

Veranda sun protection comes in many shapes and sizes and their main purpose is to keep out the sunlight on your terrace. In this way you prevent the temperature on your terrace from rising high in the summer and you will not suffer from annoying light glare.

Veranda sun protection is often placed in combination with a roof, but there are also pergola awnings that are fitted with their own uprights. It is therefore not necessary that you already have a veranda. In this blog we will list the options for you.

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Different types of veranda sun protection

Veranda sun protection is a collective name for many different types of sun protection on or under your veranda. Some types of veranda sun protection is fitted with their own uprights and can therefore be used without a veranda. We will go through the most important variants with you.

Veranda sun protection with canopy

When you buy an awning for your veranda, it is important that you are well informed. Of course, you want the sun protection to match your veranda seamlessly and to meet your specific wishes.

Veranda sun protection on top

Veranda sun protection at the top of your veranda blocks out light and heat before they reach your terrace. This ensures effective heat control and means that the temperature under your veranda remains on arrow. A veranda awning at the top is driven by an electric motor.


Veranda sun protection on the underside

An important advantage of a veranda sun protection under your canopy is that the fabric is optimally protected against weather influences. Moisture and dirt are thus less likely to affect the fabric. With the right colors and / or patterns you immediately create atmosphere on your terrace. A veranda awning on the underside of your terrace can also be operated electrically with a switch, remote control or your smartphone.


Veranda sun protection baleen

In a baleen awning, the fabric hangs attractively draped under your veranda. In this way you regain the sunlight and at the same time give a cozy twist to your terrace. Baleen sun protection is performed with a fabric from the screen fabric collection and must be operated manually by means of a smooth running cord control.


Veranda sun protection without a canopy

Even if you do not yet have a veranda in your garden, veranda sun protection can be a solution. Executed with uprights, this product can act as a combination of a conservatory and veranda sun protection, thus creating a pergola awning.

Veranda sun protection on posts

With veranda sun protection on posts, or pergola awning, you benefit from the functional properties of sun protection with the span capabilities of a veranda. Because of the solid construction of this 'pergola', you can span enormous areas. The fabric opens and closes easily by means of an electric control.


Veranda sun protection on posts (rainproof)

If you're looking for a pergola sun protection that protects you during sun and rain, you can choose a version with a water-repellent fabric. The integrated water drainage in cooperation with the fabric, ensures that the rainwater is drained off through the pergola uprights. The Verano® range includes the V642 - Tumba, which recently won the prestigious Red Dot Design Award!