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Choosing fabric shade for a sun awning? 4 popular colour combos


In your search for the perfect awning for your home, you will be faced with various choices. For example, you are going to choose a certain type of awning and you will be asked about your operating preferences. The most difficult choice that many people face is choosing the colour of the awning fabric and the correct colour of the profiles. To help you move forward a little, we list the most popular combinations of fabric colours and profile colours for you.

Choose profile colour

The profile colour is the colour of all aluminium profiles of the awning. Think of the wall profile, the articulated arms and the front frame of the awning. When making this choice, you can, for example, take the colour of your facade and window frames into account.

The standard profile colours are different for each awning. We will introduce you to the most popular profile colours of the best-selling Verano® awning V280 - Ipanema.

Technisch Zilver
V716 antraciet



Technical Silver




Choose fabric colour

The fabric of your sun awning covers a large surface area and therefore plays an important role in the appearance of your terrace. Also bear in mind that you will spend many hours under the awning so you want to be able to enjoy a beautiful colour or a stylish pattern.

We have extensive fabric collections and have found that mainly grey canvases are extremely popular. Dark canvases usually let little sunlight through and also combine perfectly with the standard profile colours. Below you will find 5 popular fabric colours from the Verano® fabric collection.

Doekkleur 702726

Fabric colour 70.2726

Fabric colour 70.2605

Doekkleur 702618
Doekkleur 702623

Fabric colour 70.2618

Fabric colour 70.2623


Fabric colour 70.2625

Popular combinations of fabric colour and profile colour

In addition to popular profile colours and popular fabric colours, we often see the same colour combinations. It is important to match the profile colours with the fabric colour. This is the only way to really discover whether the colours of your choice turn out to be a good combination.

Zonnescherm Antraciet structuur 70 2603
Zonnescherm Ivoor 702605

Anthracite X fabric colour 70.2603

Ivory X fabric colour 70.2605

Zonnescherm Zwart structuur 702649
Zonnescherm Technisch zilver 702701

Black X fabric colour 70.2649

Technical silver X fabric colour 70.2701