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Benefits of screens for your patio roof you haven't thought of


More and more often, screens are attached to patio roofs. Of course, zipscreens are mainly meant for providing sun shading to indoor rooms. However, they also come in very handy for shading your patio. And next to that, screens for patio roofs bring along a couple of benefits you haven't thought of, yet.

Patio roof screens for additional sun shading

Verandas and patio roofs add a sheltered spot to your patio, protecting you from the sun and keeping your covered spot cool during hot summer days. Yet, these patio roofs don't protect from sunlight from the low-standing sun.

When you add a screen to your patio roof, you prevent these annoying sun rays. With the use of a remote controller, you can easily change the position of your screen, so that you add some extra shade and sun protection to your patio.

Ritsscreens voor overkappingen

Wind- and rain-protecting screens for the outdoors

During early spring or late autumn, a few raindrops or a fresh breeze can make you patio feel extra cold. The result? You're more tempted to go inside. What a shame, because wouldn't it be nice to spend more time on your covered patio?

With screens for your patio roof, you break the wind and minimize chances of getting wet from rain showers. This allows you to extend your outdoor season even more! There's also little need to worry about any wind damage. Zipscreens are TUV tested and they can withstand a fair amount of wind.

Extra atmosphere with zipscreens for your patio roof

And of course, zipscreens add extra atmosphere to your covered patio. When lowering the screen, you add extra privacy to your cosy spot, so that you and your family can enjoy summer evenings without being disturbed by neighbours or passers-by. And yet, thanks to the transparent PVC-fabric of the screens, you view to your garden isn't entirely blocked.

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Standard colours, Wit, Anthracite, Ivory

Integrated zipscreens for your patio roof

Next to being functional, zipscreens for your veranda need to be aesthetically pleasing, too. Your screen needs to be perfectly integrated into your patio roof.

When you have a veranda or louvered roof in standard colours, you can buy a zipscreen in a matching profile colour without additional costs. For an additional price, you can obviously coat your screen in the RAL-colour you prefer.

When buying a louvered roof, zipscreens can be fully integrated into the front casing and the posts of the louvered roofs. As you can see in the picture below, it's hard to even see the screen included in this V870 – Arezzo.

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