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Ritzscreens® for verandas


Ritsscreens have gained tremendous popularity in recent years and are now one of the favourite products to add extra protection against incident sunlight to the windows on the outside of your home. But did you know that ritsscreens can also have an enormous added value for verandas?

Ritsscreens against incident sunlight

A veranda or louvered roof provides a sheltered spot on your terrace. Because canopies usually have a walk-through height of between two and three metres, the sun can still cause a nuisance at certain angles.

In that case, a ritzscreen® in your veranda can also prevent these annoying sunrays. Depending on the angle of incidence of the sun, you only need to lower the ritzscreen® a few dozen centimetres.

Ritsscreens voor overkappingen

Ritsscreens against wind and rain

Early spring or just a little later in autumn the temperature is usually a bit lower and a fresh breeze can make you choose to go back inside sooner. It's a shame! With a ritzscreen® in your veranda, you break the wind and prevent the chance of getting wet from the splashes of rain. This way you make sure that your outdoor season lasts for months!

Extra atmosphere with ritsscreens for your veranda

An important feature of ritzscreens® that is often underestimated is the mood-enhancing factor that the product has under a veranda or a louvered roof. By lowering the ritsscreens partly or completely, you create a cosy place with extra privacy so that you can enjoy a long summer evening together with family or friends. Afraid you won't be able to enjoy your garden anymore? As you can see in the pictures, the PVC fabrics of the ritsscreen offer sufficient visibility.

Terrasoverkapping op maat wit
Terrasoverkapping op maat ivoor
Terrasoverkapping op maat antraciet str

Standard colours, Wit, Anthracite, Ivory

Integration for ritzscreens® in a veranda

When you choose a ritsscreen under your veranda, you obviously want it to fit seamlessly. If you opt for a veranda in one of the standard colours, you have the guarantee that the profiles and casing of the screen connect to your veranda. It goes without saying that it is also possible to coat the products in a Ral colour of your choice.

If you choose to buy a louvered roof directly, ritzscreens® can be fully integrated during production. In this version, the casing is incorporated into the front frame and the side guide of the screen is incorporated into the uprights of the louvered roof.

Ritsscreen voor overkappingen integratie