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Learn to recognize the wind and prevent damage to your awning or facade!


The main task of sun protection is to keep out the sun and to filter the glare of light. Thus, a sun awning is a shadow maker for your terrace. The bigger the awning, the more wind it can catch. To prevent the wind from damaging your screen or facade, our products are tested on the resistance classes according to TÜV Netherlands.

The European Standard EN 13561 is applicable to sun protection. This means that the product must meet a certain guaranteed quality. Including the resistance to a certain wind class. What exactly does a wind class or wind force mean?

Wind resistance class sun protection

Wind resistance class 1: This equals wind force four with a wind speed between 20-28 km/h. When determining wind class one, there is a moderate wind.

  • Example KNMI: hair messed up, fluttering clothing

Wind resistance class 2: This equals wind force five with a wind speed between 29-38 km/h. Recognizable as fairly strong wind.

  • Example KNMI: Windblown dust annoying in the eyes, crested waves on lakes and canals and garbage containers blow over.

Wind resistance class 3: This equals wind force six with a wind speed between 38-49 km/h. This wind class is comparable to a strong wind.

  • Example KNMI: Umbrellas are difficult to hold on to.

Wind resistance class 4: This equals wind force seven with a wind speed between 50-61 km/h. This is a very strong wind.

  • Example KNMI: Difficult to walk or cycle against the wind

Wind resistance class 5: This equals wind force eight with a wind speed between 62-74 km/h. This is a stormy wind.

  • Example KNMI: Moving is very difficult

Wind class awnings

Verano® awnings are extensively tested for the amount of wind force they can withstand. Our awnings carry the wind class one certification according to TÜV Netherlands. This means that your awning can withstand wind force 4, moderate wind.

A good way to always be sure that your awning will close when the wind speed is too high, is a wind sensor. This measures the wind speed and ensures that your awning closes automatically when the maximum allowed wind speed is reached. This way, your awning will never stay open with a wind force higher than four.

Wind class Ritzscreens®

Verano® ritsscreens are also tested for the amount of wind force they can withstand. Ritzscreens® V540 and V599 carry the wind class four certification according to TÜV Netherlands. Wind class four therefore means wind force seven with a wind speed of 61 kilometers per hour. Ritzscreens® V550 even passed the test with wind class six. This equals wind force ten and means that this ritsscreen can withstand a violent storm.