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Verano® donates €15.000,- to KWF


Earlier we already came into action for KWF through our participation in Aple d'Huzes and again this year we have committed ourselves to raise a nice amount of money for this charity. During our traditional spring action with sun awning V280 - Ipanema, we already collected €7500,-. At the end of this year we doubled this amount so we could hand over a nice cheque of €15.000,-! This amount will be used to research the role of UV radiation in the growth of a melanoma.

Skin cancer

The number of people with skin cancer continues to grow enormously every year. In 2018 skin cancer is diagnosed at about 70,000 people in the Netherlands (figurs IKNL). One of the main causes of skin cancer is overexposure to UV radiation. People mainly come into contact with this harmful UV radiation through the sun or a sunbed.

Sunburn is a reaction of your skin to UV radiation. A slight sunburn results in red or reddish-brown skin with slight swelling. A worse sunburn makes the skin painful and cells in the epidermis die. This causes the skin to peel after a few days, in extreme cases blisters can also occur. A lot of sunburn as a child can greatly increase the risk of skin cancer later in life.

The research

UV rays from the sun can discolour your skin, cause aging and cause skin cancer, such as melanoma. But does premature ageing of the skin due to UV radiation also play a role in the growth of a melanoma?

Goal of this research

In this research the researchers want to find out what role UV radiation plays in the premature ageing of cells, and what the link is between this ageing in surrounding cells and the growth of a melanoma.