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What is the difference between a screen and a Ritzscreen?®


Screens and ritzscreens® (also known as zipscreens) both aim to keep you out the incoming sunlight in your home or under your veranda. This way you keep your house cool and you no longer suffer from annoying light glare. But what is the difference between a screen and a ritsscreen? In our blog we discuss the most important differences with you.

This is how screens and ritsscreens are built

Basically, all screens consist of the same part. A screen consists of a fabric roll with casing, two side guides and a bottom frame. When opening and closing the screen, the bottom frame is smoothly guided through the side guides until it is completely rolled in or out.

Difference side guides ritsscreens

An important difference between the screens and ritsscreens is the integrated fabric guidance of ritsscreens. Where the fabric of a normal screen is only pulled tight by the bottom bar, the fabric of the ritsscreens is also kept tight on both sides of the screen. This is because the fabric is clamped by the integrated fabric guide. A fabric that is kept taut on all sides not only has a better hanging behaviour, but also the wind resistance increases enormously. In addition, the fabric guidance of ritsscreens also acts as an insect repellent. In this way, you can open your windows without problems when your ritsscreens are down.

Verschil screens en ritsscreen zijgeleiding
Verschil screens en ritsscreens doekgeleiding


Integrated fabric guidance

Difference control screens and ritsscreens

An important difference is the operability of both products. Screens can be operated either manually or electrically. This means that you can opt for manual operation by means of a strap or cord winder or an eyewinder with a rotary bar.

Ritsscreens can only be equipped with electric operation. The possibilities in this area are endless. For example, you can opt for operation by means of a wall switch, by means of a remote control or by means of an app on your smartphone.

Price difference screens and ritzscreens

Screens are generally cheaper than ritsscreens. One of the reasons for the price difference between the two, is the integrated fabric guidance. In addition, ritsscreens have been further developed in recent years than normal screens. This ensures that ritsscreens usually have a more stylish design and a more luxurious appearance.

Verschil screen en ritsscreen gevel
Verschil screen en ritsscreen voortuin

Fabric and profile colours

There are no differences in the fabric collections and profile colours for screens and ritsscreens. The Verano® fabric collections offer more than 100 fabric colours. In addition to the standard colours, the profiles of screens can also be coated in a ralk colour of your choice. Do you find it difficult to choose a colour? In our blog we discuss the 3 most popular colour combinations.

Advantages ritsscreens

Now that we have discussed the most important differences, we would like to sum up the advantages of ritsscreens for you. Keep in mind that you reserve a slightly larger budget for ritsscreens, but then you will enjoy the benefits below:

  • Tight fabric through the bottom frame and side rails
  • Windproof fabric thanks to integrated fabric guidance
  • Insect repellent by fabric guidance and brush in bottom slat
  • 'State of the art' sun protection