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4 benefits of outdoor sun shading products for the restaurant industry


Outdoor terraces are becoming more important for the restaurant industry, as the needs of customers are changing. Customers desire a pleasant outdoor experience in combination with the luxury and comfort of indoor spaces.

And this leaves bar, café and restaurant owners with a unique challenge: What do I need to make my terrace more attractive and comfortable to guests? Adding one of the sun shading products is one of the answers. These products contribute to a luxurious, comfortable and functional alfresco dining location. Continue reading to discover the benefits of sun shading products for the catering industry.

Serve more guests outdoors

For a pleasant outdoor dining experience, the weather needs to be just right. Not too hot and not too chilly. We prefer staying inside during a rainy day, and some guests want to escape the heat during a hot summer day.

With sun shading systems, you can serve your guests outdoors more frequently, even during hot summers and rainy autums. These products are extremely helpful for creating shade on your terrace and for protecting your guests from the sun, wind and rain. And if your guests want to stay outside after the sun has set, you can simply turn on the LED-Lights, which can be integrated into some of our sun shading products.

Tailor-made products

Of course, sun shading products should match the exterior of your terrace. Verano's® products are available in multiple sizes and colours. Next to that, you are able to connect similar products to one another. Think of combining multiple louvered roofs in order to create a large shaded area on your terrace.

You can also combine two completely different products with one another. For instance, expand your louvered roof V880 - Rapallo with Zip-Screens or glass walls. Zip-screens give additional protection from the sun and heat, whereas glass walls protect guests from the wind.

Dynamic environment control

Most sun shading products are dynamic: They can be adjusted throughout the day. For instance, the roof of the V870 - Arrezzo is formed by slats that are operated by a remote control. By opening and closing these slats, you can control the air circulation, temperature, and amount of light on your terrace.

Imagine opening your restaurant during a regular Summer day. It's 10 AM and it's chilly outside, but the sun is shining, Time to open the slats. The sun warms up and brightens up your terrace. At 2:30 PM, you notice it's getting hot outside. You turn on your smartphone and close the slats of your roof. This creates a nice, shaded place, and your guests are protected from the sun and heat.

With these dynamic products, you can create a comfortable outdoor environment and you can quickly respond to the changing weather.

Create an outstanding terrace

Sun shading products are both functional and elegant. They are true eyecatchers. Two of our products, the V642 – Tumba and the V875 – Belluno, have won the Red Dot Design Award thanks to their elegant and innovative design. And for a lasting impression, combine your Verano®-product with fashionable furniture and great service.

The benefits of sun protection for the food industry in short:

  • Open your terrace during hot summer days and drizzly autumn days
  • Tailor-made products that fulfill all your needs
  • Respond to the changing weather with our dynamic products
  • Eyecatchers: Elegant, innovative, and timeless

A welcome addition to your terrace

Are you planning to turn your terrace into a luxurious outdoor living room? Find out more about our sun protection system by clicking on the button below

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