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Solar shading for restaurant patios: 5 benefits


The needs of your guests are changing: people want to enjoy the fresh air from outside, while at the same time enjoying the luxury and comfort from inside. This leaves restaurant owners with the following question: How to upgrade my outdoor restaurant patio?

The solution? Solar shading for restaurant patios. These products contribute to a luxurious, comfortable and functional alfresco dining location that's protected from the sun and from bad weather.

Larger restaurant patios

You might already serve many of your guests outside. But when the weather takes a turn for the worse, or when the sun's too bright and hot, your guests prefer dining inside or on a covered and shaded spot.

Solar shading systems like louvered roofs and pergola awnings roof your restaurant patio, giving you and your guests the much-needed protection from good and bad weather. It allows you to serve more guests outside all-year-round, increasing the occupancy at your restaurant.

Dine at night

If you want to serve your guests at night, you need to add lights to your restaurant patio. Many of our solar shading products can be combined with integrated LED lights. So during the day, you can use solar shading to cool and shade restaurant patio, and during the night, you can add brightness with these integrated lights.

Tailor-made solar shading for your restaurant patio

No matter the size, position, and design of your restaurant patio, our sun shades are tailor-made to your restaurant's needs. Verano® solar shading systems are available in multiple sizes and dimensions, allowing you to cover even the largest alfresco dining areas.

The customization options also allow you to protect your restaurant patio from multiple weather circumstances. For instance, you can turn veranda roofs — which protect you from rain and wind — into a winter garden by adding solid golass walls to each side of the roof. If you need some additional sun protection, you can install a movable conservatory awning above or below your roof.

Dynamic environment control

Create the perfect dining conditions on your restaurant patio! Most solar shading devices are dynamic, which means they can be moved, tilted or slid open and closed. It allows you to respond to the ever-changing weather conditions and keep the temperature on your patio comfortable.

Imagine: it’s a regular Summer day, 10 AM and it's still chilly outside. The sun shines, so you open the slats of your V870 – Arezzo roof to let through some sunlight. Your guests enjoy the sun and your patio slowly warms up.

When you serve your lunch, you feel like your restaurant patio is heating up too quickly. You grab your smartphone, open the app that controls the slats of your roof, and close your roof with one simple click. A nice, shaded spot is created, and your guests are protected from the sun and heat.

Create a restaurant patio that stands out

Not only are solar shading products a valuable addition to your patio because of their functions, but also because of their elegance. They are true eyecatchers, and we're not the only one who think so. Our pergola awning V642 – Tumba and our cubistic glass roof V875 – Belluno have been awarded the Red Dot Design Award thanks to their elegant and innovative design.

Combine these roofs with the best furniture, and your restaurant patio will leave a longlasting impressions.

TLDR: How solar shading benefits your restaurant patio

  • You can keep your restaurant patio open for a longer period of time
  • All products are tailor-made to fulfill the needs of each restaurant owner
  • You can respond to the ever-changing weather and control the temperature on your restaurant patio
  • You'll turn your restaurant patio into an eye-catcher with these elegant and timeless products.

A welcome addition to your restaurant patio

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