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Why consider buying solar shading during winter?


We know, it's winter and the weather is bad. Yet, now it's the right moment to start looking for a sun shading product. We know it sounds weird, but we'll show you why!

Making the right decision takes time.

Of course, a sun shading system isn't a product you buy each day. It's a large investment, which means you need some time to consider all options, benefits, and drawbacks before you make your final decision.

It's like buying a car or a sofa: you'll use your product for a big part of your life. And that's why you also need multiple weeks of time before making the right decision.

Higher consumer demand

Over the past years, the demand for sun shading systems has increased. Homeowners want a more comfortable home and garden, while saving energy at the same time. As result, sun shading manufacturers are busier than ever before, which means it takes more time before your ordered product can be manufactured and delivered.

Peak season

Peak season for sun shading industries starts around March and ends in September. During these months, sun shading manufacturers get the most orders, resulting in a further increase of delivery times. If you buy a solar shading system during the winter, however, you’re rest assured that you can enjoy within a few weeks. Because right now, both manufacturers and dealers have plenty of time.

Producing a tailor-made product is a lengthy process

Every product is made to suit your needs, wishes and situation. Producing a tailor-made product — think of a product with special dimensions, profile colours, and customization options — takes time. The more customization options you add, the longer it takes to produce, deliver, and install your product.

Be aware of external factors

We also shouldn't forget that external factors can influence the production time of sun shading systems. In the past years, for instance, a material shortage and COVID-19 have caused longer production times.

Sun shading dealers have more time to help you

During the spring and summer months, sun shading dealers are extremely busy installing all solar shading products they've sold. This means they have less time to welcome you in their showrooms. But during the quieter winter months, these dealers have all time and attention to advise you the product that suits your wishes the mosts.


So, if you start thinking of buying suns hading right now, and you make your final decision before peak season starts, you can rest assured that you can enjoy the first spring sun rays under your sun awning or your patio roof.

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