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The 3 most popular sun shading products of 2022


There’s a high demand for sun shading products. Not surprisingly, given how multifunctional these products are. Sun shading systems are elegant and multifunctional: they protect you from many weather conditions, like the sun, heat, rain and wind.

But which sun shading system is the right one for you? Let’s take a look at the most popular sun shading products of 2022. We’ll show you why they’re that popular!

Zipscreens V550

A rather new product that is gaining terrain quickly: The Zipscren. These vertical sun shading screens effectively block heat and sunlight, so that you can ensure the ideal temperature and amount of light even during hot summer days.

The zipscreens can be opened and closed with solar energy, as the systems can be equipped with solar cells. This means that zipscreens don't have to be [energienetwerk], which results in reduced costs

Louvered roof V870 – Arezzo

Not too warm, not too cold. With a louvered roof, you can regulate the temparature and amount of light on your patio. This allows you to respond to almost all weather circumstances. The roof of the V870 – Arezzo is formed by slats that can be adjusted whenever you want. With a closed roof, you create a cool and shady spot that protects you from the bright sun. If you want to enjoy the sun however, you can simply open the slats with your remote control.

Louvered roofs can be installed in three different ways: Attached to a facade, freestanding, or integrated into an existing construction. Next to that, you can provide your louvered roof with extra protection by adding zipscreens or glass sliding walls to the construction.

Pergola awning V642 – Tumba

Imagine combining the benefits of sun awnings and verandas into one product...The pergola awning V642 – Tumba is relatively new, but rapidly gaining popularity. The V642 – Tumba is equipped with a sun-blocking and water-repellent fabric. This means you can remain seated on your terrace even during a shower. If you wish a bit more sun on your terrace, you can retract the fabric and let the sun shine on your face.

In 2020, The Tumba won the Red Dot Design Award for its unique design.

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