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The 3 most popular sun shading products right now


Sun shading systems, products that allow us to enjoy our home, garden and patio to the fullest. Because while we embrace the heat and brightness of the sun, we need shade and coolness at the same time. And sun shading fulfills these wishes.

Thanks to their elegant design and many functions, there are the 3 most popular sun shading types right now: solar-powered zipscreens, louvered roof V870 - Arezzo, and our Red Dot Award winner: the V642 - Tumba.

Solar-powered zipscreens

A cool and shaded home during hot summers is the best. Whereas roller shutters are the most well-known sun shading systems for your home, zipscreens are rapidly gaining terrain. These external sun blinds cover windows entirely, block sunlight effectively, and prevent rooms from overheating during hot summer days.

Recently, Verano® introduced solar-powered zipscreens, screens that consist of a solar panel and a battery that power the motor. As result, these screens don't need to be connected to power grid. Not only will you save installation costs, but you'll also save energy costs while operating the screens. That's why these sustainable vertical awnings are currently among the most popular devices for a better room temperature and a reduced energy bill.

Louvered roof V870 – Arezzo

Not too warm, not too cold. With a louvered roof, you can regulate the temparature and amount of light on your patio. Louvered roofs are a great solution if you want to remain seated when the weather changes. The V870 - Arezzo roof is made out of slats. These slats can be opened to let through sunlight on your patio and closed for some extra shade. On top of that, this louvered roof is splash waterproof, meaning it protects you from a small rain shower as well.

Thanks to their elegant, multifunctional and tailor-made design, louvered roofs are perfect for each garden. They can be installed in three different ways: Attached to a facade, as a freestanding pergola, or integrated into an existing construction. Next to that, you can add extra sun and weather protection to your louvered roof with zipscreens or glass walls.

Pergola awning V642 – Tumba

Imagine combining the benefits of sun awnings and verandas into one product...The pergola awning V642 – Tumba is relatively new, but already incredibly popular. Equipped with a sun-blocking and water-repellent fabric, it protects you both from the sun and rain. By retracting the awning fabric, you can regulate the amount of sunlight that falls on your patio.

In 2020, The Tumba won the Red Dot Design Award for its unique design.

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